When we are born and come into this world, we carry nothing other than the Grace of God, Divine grace. We are one with the Creator and we are totally pure.

When you look at a newborn, there is something so perfect about them. Everything from their tiny fingers, their face, their skin, the way they smell, how their eyes take in the world around them, the way they breathe when they are sleeping, the way their heart beats.

It never ceases to amaze me that something this perfect and pure manifests and a new albeit tiny human being arrives.

When one of my best girlfriends had her first baby, she was having difficulty getting him on a feeding schedule and getting any sleep. I went and stayed with her and we took turns getting him fed and her getting sleep and him sleeping. There was one point where I was laying on my back on the bed and he was asleep on my chest, lying on his back. I had fallen asleep and I woke up being aware that there was this baby, this tiny being on my chest, that was filled with such beautiful radiant energy, such purity and all I could feel was this incredible connection to the Divine and this infinite love.

This is what we all yearn for. To be one with the Creator, that Life Force that we came from. That innocence where pure perfection resides. That state of being without sin, that is nothing other than virtuous, chaste, incorruptible; that state of grace.

How do we lose this? Where does it go? It is always with us. It is the underlying fabric of who and what we are made of. God plants the seed of consciousness into our soul and it sprouts from within. Our spirit is Divine. It carries the unmanifest song of God’s heartbeat that is the rhythm of Life itself. Our body is made of matter, which by its nature is impure, made up of more dense and less refined substances that emerged from the void, the Divine space and carries the dross of air, fire, water and earth.

Through numerous, permutations and transformations, we emerge as this corporeal form, that wails and cries, that needs and wants that is a juxtaposition of what it is to be in both the heavenly realm and this earthly plane at one and the same time.

Purity is none other than our search to find the Truth. Our search to find the Self and on that journey we venture further away and then come back to knowing. We venture out into the separation, only to be pulled back into the Oneness, the Unity. We go out into the ignorance, to be reawakened back to the Infinite.

It is the Eternal dance that brings us back, time and time again. Back to the primordial, back to Wholeness, back to that which is Divine. That invincible state of Totality and Pure Bliss.

Back to God.

Back to The Self.

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