Ojas is the gateway where God and man connects. It is the finest neuro-physiological component of the human body. Ojas is the substance of Pure Consciousness in a manifest form. It is through ojas that we experience our true nature and the bliss of being nothing other than Pure Creative Intelligence.

Our body manufactures ojas through the experience of ‘happiness,’ ‘unconditional love’ and also through the fulfillment of the desire to nourish ourselves with that, which is Divine.

The quality and growth of ojas is based upon what we feed ourselves, what we feed our spirit, mind and body through the diet of what we think, say and do, the actual food that we eat and our spiritual and daily practices. The more we feed our spirit, body and mind with the ‘Absolute’ God, the Divine, the Creator, the Universal Creative Intelligence the greater the ojas.

Ojas is like our internal compass or barometer, it gives us an innate sense of knowing what is ‘good’ for us and we gravitate towards this to bring us back into balance and back into the ‘flow’ of the Divine. We are drawn back to the kingdom of heaven that lies within.

The process of eating food creates the 7 dhatus the 7 tissues of the body. At each stage of tissue formation, as it transitions from one tissue to the next, we manufacture ojas.

Ojas like its counterpart Pure Consciousness, Pure Creative Intelligence, shines like a lamp at the door for all the world to see. It is what gives us our ‘light’ and is something we recognize instantaneously. Regardless of the age of a person, there is an inner ‘glow’ that radiates out from within. The greater our Life Force energy, the greater our personal magnetism and charisma.

We experience ojas and detect it in others through all our senses. We radiate and pick up that which is vital, healthy, radiant, vibrant, full of Life Force energy and what brings us happiness and joy. On the level of the tanmantras, (the tanmantras are our ‘subtle’ senses relating to our physical senses of hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling and tasting) we experience the finest impulses of love and consciousness from our connection with the Divine.

When we are out of balance, when we get disconnected from the Divine source that underlies who and what we are as a human being – when we get disconnected from the Life Force energy that feeds our spirit and every aspect of who we are, our ojas gets diminished and we experience ‘dis-ease’ being out of ease in our overall health and well-being. Over time, this eventually leads to declining health, illness and chronic disease.

For example, when we get sick and have a bad cold or the flu, we can immediately see and feel the result. Our eyes are dull and lackluster, our skin can be pallid or grey and does not have it’s usual vibrant color, our skin can be sore to the touch, or becomes rough, our nose can be stuffed up and it is difficult to breath, our chest can become congested and we cough continuously, or our eyes are constantly watering and we are constantly sneezing, our energy level is low and we feel sub par, highly fatigued and lack motivation and enthusiasm to participate in the general activities of daily life, we have no appetite and even participating in the most minor of activities feels like a great effort or overwhelming.

The Trivedi Effect® opens a connection to the source of all creation, the Divine, the Life Force allowing its energy to flow to us as an individual. This Divine energy is universal and intelligent. It identifies and targets the underlying root cause instead of the symptoms of our life’s issues and imbalances, holistically healing us from the inside out to optimize every facet of our physical and spiritual life.

“Guruji Mahendra Trivedi, the founder of the Trivedi Effect has discovered the power to harness this universal, intelligent energy – and connect other individuals to it so that they can achieve strength, health, wealth, knowledge and happiness. His transmission of this energy to other humans has an incredible effect.

It raises the consciousness of those who receive it, and gives them a stronger connection to the God of their understanding. When this connection is strengthened and consciousness is elevated, all that a person needs is brought to his or her life. Whatever potential exists within each person is optimized. This miraculous phenomenon is now referred to as the “The Trivedi Effect®.”

The Trivedi Effect is a natural phenomenon that elevates our consciousness to reveal and enhance our natural gifts and talents, it uncovers or life purpose and guides us to become and achieve everything we were meant to be.

Verified and validated by over 4,000 scientific research studies, The Trivedi Effect has been shown to slow down the effects of aging, boost gut health, improve immunity, reduce the impact of stress, improve overall health and wellness, improve cognitive functioning to mention just a few of its remarkable results.

The Trivedi Effect nourishes our spirit and boosts our production and quality of ojas.
It helps to support spontaneous right action so that we become more aligned with the creative intelligence, the Divine that underlies us. We in turn become more radiant with the light of Life Force energy and it automatically brings opportunities and people that can support our success and fulfillment. We can effortlessly flow with the shifts and changes that come along as our life unfolds, keeping buoyant in the certainty of God’s divine grace and our deepening connection with the God of our understanding.

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