“ I am a free thinker, unbounded, spiritual, deep, mischievous, cheeky, enthusiastic, full of energy, open hearted, loving, compassionate, I am unbridled passion, happy, adventurous, playful, focused, persevering, tenacious, honorable, a leader, flexible, artistic, creative, athletic, intuitive, dynamic, exciting, willing to be and play outside the box. I am willing to do whatever it takes.

I am nameless, faceless, timeless, without identity or form. I am powerful beyond measure.

I am beautiful, spontaneous, intelligent, filled with light, I am joy, disciplined, curious, motivating, inspiring, I am integrity, extroverted, a writer, a poet, a speaker, a coach, a teacher, a student, a follower, an empty vessel that is willing to be filled with wisdom, light and the opportune gifts that are presented to me in every moment.

I am a child of God. I am unique and connected to all that there is at one and the same time. I am whole and complete. I am the eternal heartbeat and the unconditional love that ripples out from my heart to the farthest edges of the universe. I am mirrored in every one and everything that surrounds me. I am your first breath and your last moment in this form, I am the delicate tear that trickles down your face, I am all the joy and pain in the world and I am your best friend, I am truth, I am divine, I am waves of bliss reverberating with laughter, I am wholeness, I am one, I am all my hatred and anger wrapped in raindrops of forgiveness that powerfully dissolves all the hurt and suffering of mankind, I am the healer and I am the healed, I am your divine humble servant, I am humility, I am gratitude, I am innocence, I am grace, I am child like, I am freedom, I am the voice that longs to be heard even if no one is listening and I am the listener.

I am sacred, I am the song and the singer, I am wise, I am ancient, I am woman, man, mother, father, parent, child, sister, brother, daughter, son, lover, romantic, authentic, transparent, I am the joy of knowing that I myself and others are healing, I am the soul, I am the fear of humanity and the grace of Spirit, I am the wings of the world, I am liberation, I am the never ending smile and the self expression of heaven through words that shatter the illusions of falsehood and scatter them to the wind. I am the honey sweet soma that drips the nectar of life through your veins.

I am magic, a miracle, I am colorful, transforming, a work in progress, I am pure pleasure, I am angelic, I am the ecstatic rapture of immortality, I am a fountainhead of wealth and abundance, I am presence, I am the Unmanifest – manifesting and evolving. I am the frictionless free flow of superfluidity. I am the dreamer and I am the dream. I am the most precious treasure hidden in the imagination waiting to be discovered. I am the ringleader of fun and frivolity, I am charming charismatic, I am unconditional love and I am the Pied Piper that leads you back to the fulfillment of your heart’s desire and the yearnings of your soul.

I am the blossoming and the decaying. I am the attachment and the letting go. I am sunshine. I am warm, I am funny with a fabulous sense of humor, I am complex and I am simplicity itself, I am engaging, I am brilliant and I am all the stars in the night sky laid out as a carpet at your feet. I am hope, I am fearless, I am courageous, I am brave, I am the arms that wrap around you to sooth you when you cannot sleep. I am everything and I am no thing. I am tender, I am gentle, I am soft, I am vulnerability, I am fragility, I am strength, I am magnificent beyond compare and I am transcendent. I am the dancer and I am the dance. I am wild, I am savage and I am untamable. I am surrender. I am invincible. I am Pure Awareness. I am infinite dynamic silence. I am Totality.”

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