When we come into this world we are like a beautiful yacht.

Just imagine the following:

You are unique, magnificent and made by the best master craftsman. The hull or outer skin of the vessel that is you is completely smooth, sleek and perfect. You are designed to glide effortlessly through life. When the wind fills your sails you spontaneously move in the direction that is your divine destiny.

Once you are launched, you set sail on the ocean of life. As you embark upon this journey and adventure that is you, little by little, you begin to accumulate stuff on the bottom of your hull. At first it is barely noticeable, just minor traces adhere to your skin.

But life just seems to attach itself to you and before you know it, you have built up layers of barnacles and debris that cannot be seen, because it is not visible on the surface. However, underneath, in the depths below, this begins to cause drag and you no longer begin to move so effortlessly.

What’s even more insidious is that because this process is so gradual building up over time, you don’t even realize that you have this drag effect occurring. You are completely oblivious to the great big anchor of debris that is limiting how you get around in your life. You just think that everything is normal, that’s just the way life is.

So for example, it’s natural to have dis-ease because it is part of aging isn’t it? … Is it?

Relationships are not meant to last, if they don’t work out, divorce will be part of life won’t it? … Will it?

Making a lot of money is hard so you work long hours or struggle financially after all, you have to roll with a tough economy don’t you? … Do you?

The vessel that is you, instead of gliding easily through life now seems to be slowed down or even stopped. With all the accumulations of a lifetime is it any wonder that you begin to find that even though you have set your course for a particular destination, somehow something seems to be getting in the way?

Perhaps it’s your health and well-being, you may not be as fit and healthy as you’d like to be, you’re not feeling as good as you’d like feel on the inside, perhaps you’ve had an illness or you’re having challenges with your weight, maybe your relationships are not working out as you’d like them to, something seems to be missing, that spontaneous inner happiness and state of peace begins to elude you more often now and life seems more stressful. Perhaps your finances and career are sorely lacking, or your business is successful but it’s not where you’d like it to be. Whatever it is, how do you get back on track and how do you deal with all that junk that has built up like a huge iceberg?

Now if we really were a yacht, we’d be in dry dock once or twice a year to have our hulls scraped. We’d be cleaned up and polished and then we’d be back in the swing of things. Ready to glide back into our purpose and we could of course then steer through even the narrowest and shallowest of channels because of our hull being free and clear of any drag. We would have a frictionless free flowing ride all the way to the destination of our choice. Great health and vitality, boundless energy, happiness, inner calmness and peace of mind, fantastic relationships that seem to get better and better, deeper and richer and finances that are overflowing with abundance.

It sounds wonderful doesn’t it!

But here’s the thing. As human beings we don’t get to go into dry dock. Sure we attempt to make things better by eating well, exercising regularly, spending quality time with people that we love but what about all the stress and what do you do with all that “stuff” that you’ve accumulated during your life, including the stuff that you’re not even aware of?

How do we achieve the same effect as going into dry dock, getting totally cleaned and polished up so that we glide to the destination of our choice without being obstructed or disabled? Responding spontaneously to the needs of the moment with the fullness of our being so that we reach the outcomes we truly desire, easily and effortlessly?

How do you do that?

You can do it through The Trivedi Effect®.

What’s the Trivedi Effect?

Guruji Mahendra Trivedi has an extraordinary gift and is the founder of The Trivedi Effect®. He has the unique ability to harness the energy from the universe and is able to transmit it anywhere on earth. He can infuse this “Life Force” energy into both living organisms and non-living materials to optimize their potential. This exceptional phenomenon has become acclaimed internationally as the Trivedi Effect®.

With the precision of a laser, the Trivedi Effect has the ability to cut through all the accumulations that we have built up during the course of our lifetime that are causing “drag” on our physiology resulting in dis-ease, loss of vitality, issues with relationships and poor finances.

The outcome of The Trivedi Effect is enhanced success and well being in all aspects of one’s life.

Through reprogramming at the atomic level, Guruji’s extraordinary abilities alter the information, the patterns of energy that govern the structure and functioning of our body. This results in the strengthening of the human physiology as a whole.

Currently, more than 250,000 people from around the world have experienced the incredible power of transformation from The Trivedi Effect and have reported benefits such as improvement in overall health and quality of life; freedom from disease, a reduction in stress, an increase in vitality, happiness, well being, increased sexual drive and responsiveness, better quality sleep, improved personal relationships with self and others, increased resourcefulness, increased capacity to generate income and improved financial well-being.

Furthermore, when an individual is the recipient of The Trivedi Effect on a continuous basis through the Trivedi programs, they begin to experience a ripple effect. Family members, friends and colleagues of the primary recipient have reported enhanced success and well-being as a result.

The impact of The Trivedi Effect has been tested, measured, documented and validated with the most sophisticated technologies available to modern science in over 4,000 research studies worldwide.

The Trivedi Effect has been documented in over 350 peer-reviewed science journals in the fields of agriculture, biotechnology, genetics, cancer, human health and materials science. These publications are available in the university library websites of over 1200 universities within the U.S., as well as the National Institutes of Health.

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