Each and every one of us experiences a wide range of emotions over our lifetime.
On one end of the spectrum, emotions give us experiences that leave us feeling happy, elated, peaceful, fulfilled, confident, grateful etc. At the other end of the spectrum, emotions can leave us feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated, stuck and helpless.

Emotions are like a very powerful cocktail of chemicals that are extremely charismatic and addictive. It is easy to become ensnared by them and what “appears to be” real or “what appears to be” important needing immediate attention and before we know it we become “hooked” on the emotional high, the excitement, the pampering quality of needing to “feel good” we get consumed in the heat and fire of frustration and anger or captured in a prison of stress, unfounded fear (fear that is not due to a life threatening situation or certain danger), anxiety (worry and fear about something that may/may not occur in the future that hasn’t happened yet) or depression.

Without question, emotions do play a vital role to alert us when imminent danger is looming so that we can in fact remove ourselves from harm’s way and survive and thrive. They help us to relate and bond with each other, to socialize with each other, to inspire, motivate, encourage and aspire to more noble pursuits of being and behaving.

However, some emotions can be debilitating, instead of moving us towards success and being pro-active, they cripple us up and retard or impede any healthy, natural or normal response, or keep us stuck where we lack the motivation to move at all or even more insidious, they lull us into a state of complacency, a “comfort zone” or a numbness where we don’t have to feel at all or we are entangled in the addiction of “needing to feel” good or high in some way.

When taken over by our emotional state, we can lack discernment, awareness and miss out on key opportunities that would give us an optimal outcome if we’d been able to catch what was going on in the present moment without being distracted by what we are feeling.

Our emotional state is a direct response to mechanisms in our autonomic nervous system that trigger a cascade of hormones that emanate from our survival response (freeze, flight, fight) and the sympathetic nervous system or conversely from our parasympathetic nervous system which governs things such as rest & relaxation, digestion, sexual arousal, orgasmic capacity etc.

So how do we tame our emotions to achieve emotional well-being?

We can achieve emotional well-being through the direct effect of Life Force Energy (also known as the Trivedi Effect.)

When we receive a blessing/energy transmission the impact of the Trivedi Effect or Life Force energy has the ability to reprogram us at the atomic level and alters the information, the patterns of energy that govern the structure and functioning of our body, our mind, intellect and emotions and in turn it transforms our behavior.

Life Force, the energy of creation, goes to the deepest most fundamental aspect of who we are as human beings, to our spirit and change emanates from there.

When we are filled with this energy we begin to operate more in accordance with all the laws of Nature, with the inherent intelligence of Creation itself and in turn we automatically begin to become more awake and aware of what is the “truth” for ourselves what is our purpose and divine destiny and also we become more discerning about what is “real” and what is fabricated – the story we make up and the ensuing drama that unfolds like some B grade soap opera. We are more readily able to discern what’s here to serve and develop us and what is purely the “chaff” that we no longer need and can immediately discard.

The liberation that comes from emotional well-being is the ability to face all of life’s situations and traverse them with ease and grace. That doesn’t mean that life no longer poses struggles, challenges and obstacles, life is still going to continue to happen.

However, now we can see opportunities for growth, new knowledge, collaboration and the ability to achieve outcomes beyond our imagination and the boundary condition of our thinking instead of being stuck, overwhelmed, overcome with emotions or shut down.

When we step into the realm of the Divine, anything is possible. To quote Guruji Mahendra Trivedi, “This Intelligent energy has the ability to transform all living organisms such as plants, trees, seeds, bacteria, viruses, fungi, animals, cancer cells, human cells…everything. In addition to that, this energy has the ability to transform nonliving materials, such as metals, ceramics, polymers, and chemicals by changing the structure of the atom permanently.”

These extraordinary outcomes are, “difficult to believe, impossible to deny.”

To experience struggle and what we perceive to be “discomfort” is part of the growing process. It is a phenomenon that occurs in Nature all around us.

Termites swarm after their original colony has reached a certain capacity level and is ready to expand to the next level. They live in the soil near the surface of their nest until the time where conditions are optimal, then they’ll push through the surface of the soil and take flight. The “swarmers” launch into the air, pair off, once paired they shed their wings, mate and they’ll find a new place to set up a nest and form a new colony.

Butterflies start out as an egg, then they become a caterpillar, next they go through the pupae phase and finally they must crack through the chrysalis. In order to emerge as a butterfly, the adult needs to split the pupae cuticle and once the cuticle splits it pulls itself out. Once out, the butterfly must begin the process of expanding and drying its wings before flying is possible.

There are species of plants known as “pyrophytic plants” that actually need fire for their seeds to germinate. Lodgepole Pine, Eucalyptus, and Banksia, have serotinous cones or fruit that are completely sealed with resin. These cones/fruit can only open to release their seeds after the heat of a fire has physically melted the resin.

Life Force Energy gives us the foundation to build emotional well-being so that we have the emotional competency to tackle all the various challenges that come our way.

By developing strong emotional competency “muscles” we can effectively discern and intuit the best path to get the greatest outcome. We can respond with minimum stress, least resistance and wastage of time. We can simply sit and percolate in the tension that gives rise to new ideas and solutions, jump into action when the optimal solutions appear and experience the awe and wonder of being in the flow of pure Creative Intelligence.

This is true emotional well-being.