As you go about your daily life, something may happen that triggers a reaction in you.

For example you may judge someone as mean or unfriendly because of something they said or did. Or, you’re driving on the freeway and someone is driving up ahead in the lane next to you. Suddenly they cut in front of you without indicating, causing you to brake and sharply lower your speed. You judge them as being a bad driver.

You might also choose to judge yourself e.g. you failed to do something successfully (this of course, is all a judgment. Failed how? According to whom? What is successful for this task? How do you know? Could every step of the task be seen as a success in itself?) You might judge yourself as being stupid or not good enough. You might not like something you see, hear, feel or tell yourself in your own mind.

Rather than passing judgment that it is good or bad, right or wrong, that it is something you like or dislike, what if you could simply suspend judgment on it and the situation simply“is.” It is neutral. Do we judge a tree because it has pointed leaves instead of rounded leaves? Is a pink flower right and a red flower wrong? Is a cloud good and a raindrop bad?

All these things simply are. They exist. They are neutral. If we were to treat all situations that occur in our life this same way what would happen?

If you were to see that everyone and everything around you was doing the very best they could and they were all here to help you to fulfill your highest purpose, to help you grow and evolve to be the most magnificent being you could be, no matter what they did, what would happen to your judgment? It would completely disappear wouldn’t it?

Things will come to you as events or triggers throughout each day and at each moment you have a choice. What is the opportunity that these instances bring to you and how are you choosing to BE with them? Do you judge, overreact, criticize, blame, shut down, surrender, let go, do you act in a disempowered way or an empowered way?

What ever you choose, know it’s all exactly what you need to be doing in the moment and from this departure point you can then “hone” your strategy. Refine it so that each time is slightly different from the last till eventually you can be like water with what comes your way.

Water is important to nearly every part of your body. 65 -75 % of our physical body is made up of water.

Water helps to boost energy, it boosts your immune system, it improves blood oxygen circulation, it helps to maximize physical performance, it optimizes the brain and your cognitive functioning, it improves your mood and more.

Water does no judge, nor blame, nor hold back, nor attack. It simply flows and everything flows along with it. There is nothing that can resist its flow. Over time huge cliffs get worn away and are sculpted into shape by water’s gentle ebb and flow. A constant single drop can wear a hole in metal and water can take the shape of any container. It is fluid and infinitely flexible and when it surrounds you it cocoons and sustains life.

What if you focused on that (the water) and see what you notice instead?

You may just be astounded at what you discover!























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