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Healing Testimonials

I had be feeling tired for quite sometime so I asked Dezi to help boost my energy level.  She was most professional and helpful as we talked about this issue. We agreed that she would send me a series of energy transmissions. After a few days, I noticed a lessening of the tiredness and fatigue, I had more energy throughout my day and an increase in lightness of spirit. I am grateful to Dezi and hasten to recommend her to anyone seeking help with body/mind/spirit concerns.

Eileen Meagher

Since I began receiving energy transmissions from Dezi I’ve noticed a greater sense of peace and more balance in my life. There are many things going on currently, relating to financial and personal issues and I was feeling very overwhelmed. I felt a lot of stress and emotions that I couldn’t handle. Her blessings are really powerful and not only have I stopped feeling stressed, I’ve changed the way I handle the issues that I’m dealing with. I’m also having deeper, more sound sleep and I’m experiencing greater clarity. I highly recommend getting blessings from Dezi.

Carola Sand
I started receiving my energy transmissions from Dezi during a very busy and stressful time at work. In the past I would have felt very overwhelmed and anxious about this situation and this would have impacted my level of productivity. Instead I felt a pervading sense of calmness and I had the ability to focus and concentrate really well as I was performing my various work tasks. There was no nervousness or anxiety present at all. In my profession, clarity of thinking and being able to focus on the task at hand is vitally important. I completely attribute this outcome to the energy transmissions I received from her and I am so very grateful. I definitely recommend Dezi’s Blessing Programs to everyone. When you’re dealing with the pressures of work or the stress of deadlines plus an increased workload, these blessings are a must.
Aileen Lee
Connecting with Dezi has been a God-sent gift! Since I began receiving energy transmissions from her, I have a beautiful feeling of energy around me and I feel more calm, balanced and relaxed throughout my days. Dezi is very professional. She listened to my needs & desires and guided me with a great level of care and understanding. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants a higher level of feeling good and a strong desire to being more connected to God!
Joe Foty

Dezi did an energy clearing for me a week ago. The positive impact on my life was immediate! Several influencers messaged me to joint venture and my business has been booming. I went from feeling at rock bottom to feeling really excited about life again! Some romance even came into my life. Thank you Dezi!

Cydney O'Sullivan

I have been very grateful to receive energy transmissions from Dezi Koster.  I have had a number of these blessings over a period of several years. There is a marked sense of renewal and restoration after each transmission.  There is often a re-ordering of things psychological, and physiological.  This allows me to consider new thought, and new approach to life circumstance.  For me, her treatments have proven to be very soothing as well as empowering.

Adrienne Alexander

I have received several energy transmissions from Dezi. After her blessings, I felt more energized, they boosted my level of productivity and they really helped me to deal with an ongoing stressful situation that I was facing at that time. They brought me a greater sense of peace and well-being, which is priceless. I highly recommend these blessings to anyone, they are a real gift!

Dr. Elena Pezzini

An energy transmission is something that everyone should get. It simply reinvigorates who you are and increases the energy you have.  My experience with Dezi Koster was so empowering, that I can without hesitation, highly encourage anyone who needs extra energy or is looking for a life change to contact her. When I received my In Person blessing from Dezi, I could feel the kinetic energy propelling into my body. When done I felt relaxed, empowered, and more confident.

Joseph Watkins

Dezi’s energy transmissions are a unique and rare gift. Her blessings helped me to release a deep-seated emotional trauma that is gone for good. They helped me to be more courageous, self-empowered and I now experience a greater sense of joy and fulfillment. They have given me a new lease on life.

Dr. Sherry Meeks

I have received several energy transmissions from Dezi Koster and have been truly amazed by the results. My energy level is great, I have increased vitality and can work long hours without getting tired. I sleep really well, wake up feeling refreshed and my financial affairs are now in order thanks to her. She is extremely professional and I highly recommend her blessings to everyone. They really work!

Clifton Hinds

The blessings from Dezi have brought me greater clarity, focus and awareness. Previously where I would lack the motivation to take action in its place has come the desire to get things done and be more productive. What in the past would seem difficult or I would put off to do later, now gets achieved with ease. Instead of wasting time making excuses, I now have more time to spend with my family doing what I love.

Dr. Tracy Green

Thanks so much for you energy transmissions Dezi, it is always such a pleasure to have them. After seeing the incredible results from your plant experiments, I thought why not for me too. They are a deeply relaxing and calming experience and bring you joy, which is a very worthwhile thing these days. Again thank you.

Russel F.

My fiancé and I both received an In Person blessing from Dezi. It was very profound experience and gave us both a deeper sense of connection with each other. Our relationship is more loving and our lives feel more enriched. Since then, I’m delighted to say we got married and we are celebrating the bliss of our amazing union each and every day. If you want to have the best relationship possible with your partner then I highly recommend getting blessings from Dezi! 

Christina Behrins

Over the last few years I have received numerous energy transmissions from Dezi. After each blessing, I find I have greater clarity and see things from a new and heightened perspective. The transmissions have brought me peace of mind, a greater sense of well-being and purpose and have helped me to achieve a highly successful career. In my field, being able to think creatively and come up with innovating solutions is paramount and Dezi’s blessings have been invaluable for this. I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend getting these blessings to anyone. These transmissions are the best!

John Klimeck

As a healer, Dezi has an amazing gift. Prior to receiving my first blessing, I had been suffering from pain in my upper right shoulder and neck region for months. In my first energy transmission, I closed my eyes and in a few seconds I could feel the pain going away and it has not come back since then. When I had my second blessing, I felt so much better overall. It was as if I was “reborn” like I was a new person. I feel a renewed sense of purpose and motivation in my life. I have greater focus and I’m experiencing more inner peace and an increased level of happiness and fulfillment. Since receiving these blessings, even my family members and business colleagues have remarked that they’ve noticed a real change in me. I absolutely recommend Dezi, these blessings will change your life!

Daniel Ferreyra

Speaking Testimonials

It has been my pleasure to attend several of Dezi’s presentations. As a speaker she delivers the real thing. She is precise, informative, polished and exceptionally entertaining from a stage, captivating participants and colleagues alike. I cannot say enough about the professionalism and creative genius of this dynamic person. She is inspirational to many and humble to us all.

Dave Diggle

I have to say Dezi is just so refreshing and delightful out of all the presenters and speakers I have seen. She brings remarkable vitality and energy that lights up a room. Have this gal around if you are interested in a powerful change!

Julie Elizabeth Knell

Dezi is a dynamic and passionate speaker and presenter. She injects a great deal of liveliness and enthusiasm into her presentations that leaves people feeling uplifted and empowered. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her.

Michael Silvers

Dezi is an amazing speaker and presenter. She is definitely a Wonder Woman in the field of Personal Development.

Jeff McCoy