In Sydney where I’m from, cicadas spend between 5 -7 years underground. When I moved to America from Australia, my first 5 -7 years, felt like I was flying around in the dark relying upon my instincts. Essentially I was.

Have you ever had one of those experiences? Damned if you do, damned if you don’t… Either way you’ve got to get off the fence and do something different… You simply have to show up… You’ve got to choose… Everything that’s in front of you is a complete and utter unknown… And all you have left… is a leap of faith… all you can do is …Trust.

Trust in God, the Creator… the Authority that created us.

We’ve all had these moments. Life shows up in unexpected ways and then we go underground. We don’t have all the answers, we don’t know what to do, but somehow, deep within, we know that we have all the resources we need inside of us. It is contained in the universal creative intelligence that underlies who we are.

We all have a purpose an inner calling that leads us to the journey of our Divine awakening. At first sight, the path is not what it “appears to be” especially when you only take snap shots from a single moment and think that these snap shots can convey the big picture of your life. All the information is not there, the view is distorted, skewed from the perspective of that single capture of time.

There is no depth and breadth, there is no “living movie” viewed from a 30,000 feet perspective that shows how the jigsaw puzzle that is you, fits together and is woven into the very the fabric of humanity. A snapshot does not have the full context – the enduring faith, the richness of the human spirit, the courage, the fortitude, the resilience, the resourcefulness to overcome and the grace of the human heart that has been forged through the fire of life’s experience and infused with the Divine.

Only when the whole journey is revealed does one begin to fathom the full effect of the beauty and magnificence that is contained in a human life. The journey contains a complete transformation of the individual who metamorphoses back into Being, back to the Self, back to God.

The cicada emerges from underground and leaves behind its old shell. It has transcended its former level of consciousness. From this moment on, it has wings and can fly. It has now stepped into the realm of being a flying insect with a different role and different perspective. It can no longer go back to being what it was previously.

I can tell you the exact moment when I woke up…when something in my spirit began to fly…

I first met Guruji Mahendra Trivedi on 11th March 2011, at his 3-day retreat in San Diego. It was 10 days after my brother passed away and 10 months after my Dad had died. After the extraordinariness of my first remote energy transmission from Guruji 10 days previously, I knew that I wanted to experience what it was like to be in his presence.

At the end of the retreat we were given the opportunity to receive an individual blessing with Guruji, where I could see him in person.

When it was my turn to receive a blessing, I walked in the room and sat on the floor in front of him. He was reading a form I’d filled out and asked me a few questions about my health. As I responded I took a deeper look into his eyes.

His eyes had gone from dark brown to a deep indigo blue and I could see all the stars and the entire Universe in his eyes.

In that instant, I finally found what I had been searching for my whole life. Something in my spirit began to soar. I felt a profound connection to the Divine and saw a glimpse of what would later become part of my destiny.

Guruji looked at me and smiled. He told me about the Healers Mastery Program that he was going to be setting up in the middle of the year. I was definitely going to participate in that program! We continued to talk for a short while longer and then I received his energy transmission.

It was beyond any experience I have ever had. I felt like I was floating in the Divine. There was no thought, no sound. All the grief and sadness connected with my brother’s passing and my Father’s death had lifted completely and in its place was this radiance and grace of God, it was beyond words. I knew instinctively that this was my path.

When I look at the whole picture of my life I see that all of it was to get me where I am today. Everything that happened or didn’t happen, all the people that showed up in the way they showed up and those that didn’t show up. All the ways I showed up and didn’t show up. All of these things were the ‘ingredients’ to make the dish that is “me” the who and what I am today, that will keep transforming and marinating through life’s experiences and over time this dish will continue to transmute deeper and deeper into being.

Like fine wine we keep evolving. Our qualities refine more and more as we become infused more and more with the Divine’s brushstrokes of light and the textures of illusion become less and less as they dissolves back into wholeness.

Whatever happens – it is of no consequence, what shines through is our being.

Like Guruji says, it is not about the journey, it is about the outcome.

Discover yourself…

Matter is simply a vehicle for ‘Being’ to be expressed and yet where does one begin and the other end? Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? They are so inextricably interwoven that they are ultimately one and the same thing – matter, light, energy, love, consciousness, being are all the same. Each one is an interchangeable expression of Divine creation, which can reveal in any moment the pure potency of the Infinite.

“Unabashed set your love in motion. Unashamed and with abandon, be in love, madly, passionately and wondrously in love. Be in love with God, in love with the Goddess and in love with All That Is. Be in love with Life.

Set in motion, your love can touch greatness. Your love transcendent can change you. It can heal you. Your love in motion can change and heal your world in ways that you’ve not yet imagined – in ways that you’ve not dared imagine.” – Lazaris

Whether we are the chicken, the egg or perhaps, some of both, what makes the difference is how much we embrace being ourselves. The more we step into our courage – from the French word ‘coeur’ meaning heart, the more we step into our hearts and love, the more we embrace letting our spirit lead rather than our mind and intellect the more imbued with the Divine we become. When we follow our spirit, the Self emerges.

“As I radiate love and goodwill to others, I open a channel for God’s love to enter me.”
– Paramahansa Yogananda

We get to discover who we are…I get to discover who I am…

The truth… when everything else falls away…

There is only God


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