Inside every human being is the seed of greatness. Each and every one of us carries the Creator within. Every breath we take is a reminder of the inspiration from the Divine.

Socrates spoke about entelechy the “potential within.”  The realization of one’s potential, the soul, an inherent regulating and directing force in the development and functioning of an organism; an internal force or principle that drives a being toward its destiny. When applied to the Holy Spirit it refers to the redemptive purpose that motivates and orients the work of the Holy Spirit in redemption. On a larger scale, it is the ability to move through all the illusion of separation one accumulates in a human incarnation(s) to become reconnected once again with the wholeness and unity of the Divine and converge back to the Self. “Moksha” or “liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth” the dissolution of Karma (causation) and Maya (illusion) “transcendence to the highest state of Pure Consciousness.”

“Entelechy is a particular type of motivation, need for self-determination and an inner strength and vital force directing life and growth to become all one is capable of being.”

– Deirdre Lovecky, “Warts and Rainbows”

Fabienne Frederickson discusses this potential that is within us in her video: “Activating Your Potential for Greatness” – (TEDx New Bedford)

Everyone has entelechy – there is a Divine force within. You are in God and God is within you. You have the seed of the Divine within you, that has a specific role and purpose that no other person has, it’s specific to you, just like your fingerprints.

By having the Creator within us, we have the ability to achieve what may “seem” to be impossible yet it is part of our Divine Destiny. A caterpillar is destined to become a butterfly, yet to the humble caterpillar the prospect of flying is simply impossible. An acorn when it gets planted is merely a small seed, yet it too is destined to become a mighty oak tree, standing 100 feet tall, that gives, protection, shelter and harbors life. This “appears to be” an impossibility to the small seed that has to push its way through the earth and weather the storms of life if it is to survive, grow and thrive.

Inbuilt within every living thing is a blueprint and a destiny. A mango tree will only ever produce mangoes, never cashews or raspberries. A lemon tree will only ever produce lemons, even if it would like to produce mandarins and may yearn to produce ruby red grapefruits, it will never happen as that is not what is contained within its blueprint, nor is part of its destiny. A lemon seed will grow into a lemon tree and is destined to produce lemons.

The same thing occurs with us as human beings. We have a blueprint and a “Divine” destiny. The blueprint gives us the foundational qualities that we display including our natural dispositions such as gifts, talents and skillsets. Layered on top of that is our destiny. For example, If it is your blueprint to become a 6 foot tall male with blonde hair and blue eyes, you will never become a 5 foot tall female with brown hair and brown eyes even though you may desire this, if it is not part of your blueprint it is never going to happen. However, our destiny plants the seed of our inner calling and as we continue to follow our path, we eventually awaken to our true nature and purpose and like the butterfly we take off to the sky to a higher realm, a higher level of consciousness and an unlimited ability to achieve – even the impossible.

The Trivedi Effect and “Life Force” energy activates our potential to optimize our greatness. It moves us beyond our limited perceptions, thoughts and beliefs to unlimited possibility where we draw upon the Divine within to guide us via our “inner guidance system” to push through our limitations, fears and follow our passion, our destiny with courageous determination until we achieve the outcome we are destined to fulfill. The Life Force Energy Programs connect you to the energy of creation. This universally intelligent energy helps you to tap into your unlimited potential and boosts the life force that’s contained within you, so that you become all that you’re destined to be. To learn more about the Life Force Energy programs go to:

The question now is: What are you going to do with the precious gift that you’ve been given?

For some, life is something that is taken for granted, a mere afterthought really and nothing is ever strived for, there is no desire for achievement.

For others, there is a drive, an inner compulsion to follow one’s passion, one’s inner purpose, that “voice in your head” that says: “Just do it. Go for it!”

Before you know it, you’ve put one foot in front of the other; you’ve taken your first step towards your life’s journey and why you are here.

It starts with one step. Listen to what’s in your heart. What is your inner guidance system telling you? Even if it’s merely a faint whisper, pay attention, because it’s leaving you clues that you’ll need to follow and take action on.  Then there’ll be many steps and actions that pave the way for success in everything that you do.

And all of this happens because you chose to do something different. Something that others said was too hard, too difficult, was not possible, you’d have to crazy to attempt something like that and/or the time you’d need to put into it, simply wouldn’t be worth it.

REALLY? Is that so? Well it’s a good thing you never paid any attention to that!

When will you find your greatness? What’s the mark, the imprint that you are going to leave on the world? Well that’s up to you.

Are you ready to discover what’s waiting for you in your heart? Then go get it! What are you waiting for?

Oh… and don’t blame me if you find your greatness there.

Fabienne Fredrickson’s video:

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