There are 4 chambers of the heart. 4 Pavilions that comprise the human heart. This is the place where Lakshmi resides. It is the point of emergence from Purusha (Pure Consciousness) into Prakriti (that which emerges from consciousness, the prime material that is comprised of the energy of creation. The life force energy of which all matter is composed.) The heart is the first organ that is formed from our conception as a human being. It is the nexus point where Consciousness merges into Matter.

When you listen carefully to your own heartbeat you can hear their combined song calling out to you, beckoning you to return home to the magnificence and opulence that is the kingdom within. This distinctive melody of Pure Creative Intelligence pervades all of who you are. It imperceptibly wraps around you as only your true Self can.

Every breath you take is a Smriti, a memory. It is a tribute, a testament to who and what you are, the face of the universe that swirls around you giving life to everything within. It echoes the awe, the mystery the pleasure and everything else in between that gives this human experience of life, texture and a richness of the most exquisite tapestry of living form. It organically moves from one incarnation into another marking time, only as a shape shifting of changes that merge into itself. Like the snake that swallows its own tail.

You contain the underlying Pure Consciousness that is embedded as the blue print of your very existence. Free flowing like Akash (space) and Vayu (air) and even finer than that, as Samhita (the Self; the Source.) You are unmanifest, able to be in one and several places at once in many forms and numerous dimensions, thrilling at being your “Self “ and at cognizing and recognizing what you are. Within you is the “Sneha” the glue, the binding force, the cohesion, the indomitable power of Nature itself, incipient from the immortal matrix of the formless fabric of the Creator. It is mimicked all around us by the 4 fundamental forces that we know from science, the Strong Nuclear Force, the Electromagnetic Force, the Weak Nuclear Force and Gravity.

At the moment of your creation, Prakriti, is infused within you like a giant web of entanglement weaving an eternal carpet of celestial fluid that spreads out all the stars, solar systems and galaxies, that is you as a living breathing Universe. This quality of luxurious cohesiveness is the unconditional love that flows from the ocean of consciousness from the Divine itself binding you in the Unbounded, bringing you back again and again to the Oneness and Wholeness of Unity. You delight in waves of bliss that ripple through every cell of your body. 40 trillion cells all exploding in unison of an orgasmic ecstasy that is the laughter and light of your spirit, echoing out to the edge of infinity and beyond.

After conception as you were forming, 8 drops of Ojas dripped out from your mother’s heart to create “You.” 2 drops as the foundation for each Pavilion.

The 8 drops comprise the “Reservoir of Love” that is with you wherever you go.

In Vedic Science, Ojas is said to be the finest neuro-physiological component of the human body and is akin to “pure consciousness.” It shines like a lamp at the door for all the world to see. For more on Ojas go to:

No matter what happens in your life those 8 drops are the foundation of life that can be accessed to recreate and rebuild the perfection of experience that is the Self-Referral nature of the human body. To perpetually balance, release, dissolve, elevate, proliferate, expand and evolve. A constant homeostasis that represents the ebb and flow that maintains life and defines what it is to be alive.

Come on a journey of discovery back to the Pavilions and rediscover your essence so that you may reconnect with your true nature.

This is a story of the unfolding of the universe that is you and the secret to reclaiming the pleasure that lies within. The Creator paints the masterpiece that’s you, varying the brushstrokes and color. Constantly sculpting and chiseling away at all the dross, the illusion, to be left with the finished product that reverberates the Totality of consciousness. To light the world with brilliance like a beacon “shining like a lamp at the door for all the world to see.” To be an expression of God and all that this implies.

Take away all shadow and there are only permutations of light self-expressing in configurations each one more spectacular than the last. Where the breath itself suspends an entire lifetime compressed into one instant. One flash of inspiration that lights up your present, erases your past, forming your future and creates your destiny.

Your thoughts can change in this very instant, transforming your life.

It’s time to wake up…

The fact that you’re reading this means that you are seeking to evolve to a higher plane of being and that you choose to reclaim the reality that is your birthright. This is imprinted in your genetic code. You are unbounded, immortal, eternal and invincible.

Everything inside of you acquiesces to reconnecting to this knowledge that feeds your hunger and washes over you like swimming in the ocean of Pure Consciousness, bathing you nourishing you, satiating and filling you up.

Drink it in slowly like liquid ambrosia. Let it to penetrate like Soma the nectar of the Divine. Allow its effervescent liveliness to bring together the paradoxes and anomalies and dissolve them back into Oneness. Open up as it lifts the veil of separation to restore integration and wholeness.

Welcome home to the 4 Pavilions

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