When others appear to “do something to us” we blame and judge them for their actions. We justify our anger, frustration, humiliation, pain and grief by making them the perpetrator and us the victim.

What we don’t recognize is that we are looking into our Beloved’s Eyes.

We made an agreement with them before coming into this lifetime to remember who they are and to remember our true Self.

What we have forgotten is that at the moment a ‘transgression’ is committed, it is the very opportunity for us to WAKE UP from the illusion of the story. Through this revelation we see the Beloved in them and we experience God’s melting heart in our soul.

“You are my one true Beloved my own true Self

When I look into your face I see God’s eyes…

When I look into your face I am God’s eyes looking back at me”

– Excerpt from “Looking Into My Beloved’s Eyes”

When things happen that are overwhelming to us, how do we comprehend it? We need to make meaning to justify how or why it happens. Otherwise we don’t know how to deal with it. What if it was simply like a cloud that moves across the sun? Creating a shadow for a moment, then dissolving away?

But then, wouldn’t that make it meaningless?

Yes… There would be no story. What is left is something far greater than any story. We are left with the experience of our divine frequency, pure BEING.

What is left is LIGHT.

To make a diamond from carbon the earth element that is us, requires heat and pressure over time.

In order to be a diamond, one experiences life’s cuts to become multi faceted with a fire and brilliance that is beyond compare. What it reflects is Light.

There can be no light without darkness. There can be no darkness without light. They are the same thing, cut from the same cloth. One flows endlessly into the other and both are expressions of Divine Love.

Our experiences are the fire that forges us into who we are and who we are to become. A love far greater than what we think we are capable of is what heralds that fire for us to walk through.

Instead of judging others we get to look through the eyes of God.

There is no enemy, no perpetrator or victim, there is no duality, there is only love. Unconditional love from the Divine.

Love is the balm that heals everything instantaneously and wherever it touches it leaves an impression of God’s grace behind as a reminder of the light that is within us all.

When you love, all injury dissolves – Love can never be injured because love, like consciousness or being simply IS…There is no injured heart – it is merely the path leading to the discovery of who and what you truly are…Divine.

Next time you catch yourself passing judgment on others or yourself, stop and take a moment to change your perception. Look through God’s eyes and notice what you see instead.






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