Love is something that we can all relate to in some degree or another. In the media and movie industry it is an iconic quality that drips romance, the fairytale, happily ever after (well at least for 5 minutes), that elusive pinnacle of emotions that we all yearn for, happiness, the perfect life, partner, success etc.

It is a multi billion-dollar industry that sells everything from fashion, jewelry, perfume, luxury cars, stationery, flowers, food, alcohol, personal growth, fitness, weddings, holiday travel and more.

When looking at traditions like Valentine’s Day, people throw themselves into a frenzy of getting that perfect gift and card for their loved one to express this thing called “Love” but what is love actually and what’s all the hype about?

In Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s discourse “All Love is Directed Toward the Self”

He remarks, “Funnily enough, one’s love is directed to one’s Self. No one loves anybody else, every current of love is directed towards the Self.

Wherever, whatever the stream of love flows, it only flows in the direction of the Self. If the Self is not satisfied the current doesn’t flow. Every wave of love is eternally, always directed to the Self.”

Our partner, the person that is the object of our love is merely a means a vehicle for the Self to swell with love. “Expansion of the Self is all that is dear. Something (or someone) becomes a means for this expansion and the mind takes a pretext on it. “I love him.” Where is the love after 1 hour, 2 hours, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years and then the love is no good. It is a pretext, a showpiece. The real is the Self.”

When we love someone, we don’t actually love them, we are loving our Self. All the love that we are giving is actually feeding our Self.

Anything that fails to feed the Self is no longer a point of love. While the object that facilitates the love is serving its purpose then it is dear. However, it is not the object itself that is dear to us but rather the feeding of the Self that is dear to us.  It is the feeding that creates the joy. When this stops the object has lost its purpose.

When we love God, the Divine, it can continue day and night ad infinitum because it feeds the Self. There is a huge expansion of the space within us when we love God. The Self grows and increases, it swells more and more. The love for God, is the love for the Self, by the Self. All love is directed by the Self, for the Self, to the Self.

God, the Creator is the eternal instrument through which all loves flows to the Self.

The Source, direction and goal of love is the same thing, it is the Self.

Every step of life is towards our evolution. The goal of evolution is infinite, it is Samhita, Source, Self. Everything is directed to the Self – all our emotions are directed to the Self so that we can ultimately grow and evolve in our level of consciousness and go back to that state of Oneness, Wholeness, Divine Grace.

“Atma is the Self, Pure Awareness  – The Self is without sound, touch or form. The Self is eternal. It has no beginning or end. By knowing the Self you know the secret of immortality. When you seek life eternal, you must turn your attention inward. There you will find the Self. The inner most Self resides in the center of the heart like a flame without smoke. It is the same today and will be the same tomorrow. It grants all desires. The Self is Brahman. It is immortal. You will know the Self when your senses are still, your mind is at peace and your heart is pure.”

From the video: “All Love Flows to the Self: The Power of the Upanishads” – Michael Sternfeld:

“There is nothing that is “other” or “others” it is all an expression of the relationship of the self to the Self. The whole purpose of relationship is the expansion of one’s territory of influence. The purpose of love is to expand in your structure, in the status of life. Love is a very delicate, refined, rewarding and enriching behavior.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The human heart is a doorway, a gateway between heaven and earth. The heart is said to be not of this world, but of heaven itself. From the heart there is a transparent experience from inside to outside so that all the layers of being, all worlds, become one experience of Wholeness of Unity.

A person aspiring for Unity, “Uses the Nature of his own Self, Atma like a lamp to illumine the true Nature of Brahman.”  – The Upanishads

Brahma is within all things.

Everything is Brahman

 Love is the finest and most subtle expression from the Divine.

It is the glue that holds everything together in the Universe from the smallest sub atomic particles to the largest galaxies. Everything is connected and held in place with the greatest of care and precision orchestrated by this highly intelligent energy and quality called “Love.”

Unconditional Love is the greatest force and nothing can withstand its power and purity. All impurities, darkness and resistance simply melt and dissolve in the presence of pure unconditional love. It has the ability to transform and transcend anything instantaneously.

The Divine is infinite, and as its Totality is Brahman.

“Aham Brahmasmi” – I am Totality.

Brahma is finer than the finest and greater than the greatest – “Anor aniyan mahato mahiyan.”

Brahma resides in the human heart. The gateway where matter and consciousness merge.

The heart is the abode of the Self, Brahman and of heaven itself. Our spirit enters and exits through the heart.

Both the heart and Brahman correspond to the ultimate fulfillment of desire. “He who knows Brahman wins all.”  By knowing the Self one wins all worlds and all desires.

The essence of the heart is “Akash” space, heaven. The Self is in the heart. The experience of the Self is bliss. “Sat Chit Ananda” – The bliss of the Absolute knowing/cognizing its own Self, falls in love again and again (Absolute Bliss Consciousness.)

The fabric of the Self is interwoven in the structure, space and functioning of the heart. It is contained in the breath, the arteries and veins, in the chambers and gateways of the heart, in the movement, cycles and rhythm of the heart, in its emotions of caring, compassion, unconditional love, bliss, purity, wisdom, virtue, loyalty and grace. In every aspect both manifest and unmanifest it emerges as inspiration that brings life, passion and fire into existence and removes all trace of negativity, impurity and that which is not of the Self (such as illusion and delusion) so that we may all eventually evolve and go back to Oneness, Wholeness with the Divine.

Love is a gift from the Divine, the Creator to remind us of where we come from.

“I am that, thou are that, all this is that.”

The Narada Bhakti Sutras state that God is of the form of love and eternal bliss and so is the Self. “He who attains it becomes eternal and blissful. God is like an infinite ocean of love in which nothing else exists.”

The true nature of Love is the Self.

Maharishi’s Discourse:

Michael Sternfeld’s video:

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