Divine grace is a gift from God, favor from the Creator.

Here is a beautiful quote from Paramhansa Yogananda from the book, The Essence of Self Realization:

“God’s grace flows into us, the more we open ourselves to Him. It doesn’t come to us from outside. It is the operation, from within, of our own higher reality. Grace comes, the more we live in soul-consciousness, and the less we live centered in the ego.”

Grace is in us and all around us. It is that constant flow that fills us up from every breath we take to the beauty and wonder of Nature and the ever-expanding Universe that surrounds us.

When we live in grace, we let go of the stories and beliefs that have accumulated in our mind, our ego and emotions and instead we sink deeper and deeper into the calmness and tranquility of Pure Creative Intelligence, Pure Awareness. We experience the vastness and the reverberating silence of Pure Consciousness that fills our being with bliss.

We experience the bliss of the Self, we experience “Sat Chit Ananda. ”

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi describes Sat Chit Ananda as, “ Sat is that which never changes, Truth, Absolute Being. Chit is consciousness. Ananda is bliss. Absolute Bliss Consciousness.”

Sat – That which is unchangeable, Truth, The Absolute, Brahman

Chetana – Pure Consciousness

Ananda – Bliss, Eternal Bliss

Divine Grace is evident in a smile, in joy and laughter. When we look at someone who is healthy and radiates health and wellness in their eyes, the quality and texture of their skin, in their demeanor and presence.

When we observe plants and trees we see it their strength, firmness and vitality, the green of the chlorophyll that carries the life force of the sun’s energy into their leaves, the beauty of their flowers and sweetness and bounty of their fruit.

There is a Divine Frequency that has existed for all of eternity and is available to everyone and everything that hears it. It is spoken by God to all people, all the time. The word of God is available to everyone who is ready to receive it. When we look at Abraham, Jesus, Buddha they all heard and were ready to receive the word of God.

God is calling out to all people at all times – “Lech -Lecha” Go…Go forth …but not everyone is tuned in or listening. Not everyone is ready to receive. We are constantly bombarded with so much noise from media and social media, our culture, religion, beliefs that it is no surprise that most people have lost touch with the Divine Grace that lives inside us.

What would it be like to listen to a different sound? That subtle almost imperceptible sound of the Infinite that calls to our spirit and sings to us the melody to rise up and become awake. To hear, see, smell, touch, feel and breathe all that which is Divine. All that which contains the beauty of Grace itself.

Listen to the silence. The constant flow of waves on the ocean of Consciousness that echo the message of love from the Divine, that pulse that is your heartbeat, that rhythm that is your inspiration and expiration, your breath… that is where God is whispering to you. Can you hear it?

Awaken the Divine Frequency within you and discover Divine Grace.







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