What’s it costing you if you don’t take care of your customers and clients?

Do you know exactly? What’s the lifetime of your customer worth? Good referrals and testimonials are important to spread the word about your company. There is nothing like a good personal recommendation to bring you increased business.

Conversely there is nothing like bad experiences and poor customer service/treatment to kill off your name, reputation and customer flow.

Even though it seems obvious that it’s important to take care of customers, a lot of businesses don’t have their finger on the pulse of the best ways to service and deal with them. This in turn impacts revenues.

Companies that have great customer service and follow up reap the rewards. How are you currently dealing with customers and customer service issues? Do you have the best personnel that “love” to work directly with the public dealing with these issues and demands?

By knowing your customer’s needs & wants, by making adjustments in your employees’ skill sets such as improving their people skills, communication and customer handling the results can be dramatic.

Here’s an example:

One of my clients went to a place of business to get a specific service done. The individual she spoke with recommended she do something else which she did not want to do. She then proceeded to say to the employee working with her, “If I don’t like the outcome, you will remove what you have done and redo this service the way I originally requested.” The employee agreed.

Here’s what happened: My client was very dissatisfied with what the employee did, and instead of a procedure taking 60 – 90 minutes, it took 3 hours of my client’s time as well as the employees time to have the process redone and even then the outcome was poor. The employee’s conduct and manner through the whole episode was also less than professional and she became quite rude to my client at one point.

My client paid only 50% for her service to compensate her for the inconvenience and time loss.

The result of this interaction: My client was unhappy; she was never going back to that company ever. They lost her business and the business of all the people she would have referred to them plus the additional income from the additional services they would have participated in.

If my client had been treated well with professional courtesy, if the employee actually gave her the service she wanted and asked for in the first place the results would have differed considerably.

Are there places in your business where you or your employees are not listening to your customers? Are your employees leaving you with disgruntled customers and taking longer for services because they are attempting to do “damage control” without success?

Do you have customer service/care training for your employees? Do you check in regularly to experience first hand how your employees are treating your customers and clients?

Do you have a “damage control” back up plan to win back clients that no longer want your products and services?

Do you regularly survey your customers to get their feedback on what they want and how they want to be treated?

What else can you do to keep your customers satisfied? How else can you keep them coming back for a lifetime of service as your loyal raving fans who love to spend their money with you?


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