Once you have clearly established the outcome you want and the activities that generate your outcome, there is one other area that can stop you from getting your results. That is lack of desire. Desiring an outcome or the lack thereof has a profound impact on how you and your employees show up, take action, and achieve or not achieve the overall outcome that is required. This in turn alters your level of productivity and impacts your bottom line.

If you are not taking action you simply may NOT want it enough. You may not be leveraged enough to be motivated to take action. You may decide (consciously or unconsciously) that something else is far more desirable so you choose to do that activity instead.

A lack of desire is often associated with a lack of connection to the goal or a lack of a passionate vision associated with the goal.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you lack passion because:

  • It’s never really been your goal
  • It’s someone else’s vision of the goal
  • It’s no longer your goal, your goals have changed
  • You’re facing challenges with your company

Do you experience negative emotions and/or limiting beliefs in relation to the goal?

Do you feel obligated, like you should have a goal rather than feeling inspired by the goal?

To increase productivity in your company, ensure you are motivated by and are aligned with the goals/outcomes of your business. If you are not, it’s time to create new goals that you are passionate about. Set aside the time to reassess the vision, mission and purpose of what you and your company is about and align yourself with them. Now you’ll feel compelled by your desire to take action and this will propel you into being more productive.

If you are facing challenges or running into issues regarding your company and your passion for it is dwindling, take time out to address the issues. Come up with a plan on how you will overcome the challenges, including who or what can help you, then implement your plan. Once they are all taken care of, do a review of the status of your company and how you feel about it now. If your passion has been restored, wonderful!

If it has not, allocate some time for yourself to review if there are any other issues that might be effecting you including your personal life, relationships, your health, stress, not getting enough time off to rest etc. Create a plan that targets the issue(s) and take action once your plan is in place. Do another review once everything is complete.

Have your employees create their own goals. Ones that they feel good about, that inspires them that they feel passionate about. This increases action, progress and success. This subtle shift maximizes efficiency, the use of time and increases productivity, while requiring minimal effort or intervention. Overall this will keep you on track and help you to maintain a healthy bottom line.


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