For a lot of clients that I work with, one of their biggest challenges is time.

How do I use my time more productively?

What’s the most effective method for time management?

How do I create more time for myself in my day?

The key here is to optimize what you are choosing to do with your time.

Time is our most precious commodity and is something you cannot get back. Once it is gone it’s gone. When optimizing your time choose tasks & action steps that will propel you forward towards the goal or outcome you wish to achieve and also give you the quality of life you want.

For example, what’s the #1 business/finance goal you want to achieve for the next 12 months?

In order to make that happen, what are your quarterly targets and the monthly milestones you’ll need to achieve?

What are the tasks you’ve got to get done each week in order fulfill your goal in the next 30 days?

What are the action steps you are going to do each day to maximize your results for the week?

Make sure you include a balance of activities each week so you don’t just do all business related tasks. You also want to take care of your health & fitness, your primary relationships, have quality time to nurture yourself, spend time with family and friends and celebrate life.

To help you keep on top of what you are doing, use a digital calendar on your computer and/or smart phone to map out all the activities you want to be doing over a 30-day period. That way you have your priority activities already pre scheduled such as your fitness days and times for exercising, times each day for doing “quality me time”, the evenings or days you want for going out on dates with your partner, vacation travel time etc. Once these have been scheduled into your calendar, schedule in your business activities around them.

To create more time in your day for yourself, establish a baseline of all the activities you are currently doing for the 168 hours of your week.

Once you have your baseline, zero in and pinpoint all the activities you are currently doing that other people can do at least 80% as well as you can. Delegate and/or outsource this group of activities to others to execute on your behalf. Only do activities that are your core competency that no one else can do, that you love and are passionate about.

That way you’ll do less and achieve more by leveraging the time of other people working on your behalf.

What time do you wake up and go to sleep? By going to sleep by 10 pm you can wake up any time from 4 – 6 am and get an additional 2 – 4 hours each day that you weren’t previously utilizing. You can now use this for quality business productivity time, fitness time, relationship time or quality time for yourself to connect with the Divine, journal, be around nature, do a creative activity that feeds your spirit, listen to music, meditate etc.



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