A great tool to enhance productivity and performance, sharpen your business strategies and create fun in your workplace is the use of Games.

Game playing and Gaming are great ways to observe how your employees work together as a cohesive team, where there might be dissonance, who stands out as a leader, what unique qualities, talents and skillsets do your team members demonstrate and to pinpoint where your team utilizes resourceful strategies to achieve the game’s objectives and where they’re utilizing non resourceful strategies that impede or prevent the objectives and overall desired outcome.

According to a study in 2018, nearly 70% of Americans play video games so it makes sense to use this platform for training and educational purposes:


By observing how the game is being played, you can quickly ascertain where assumptions are being made and what’s the impact, both financial & personnel costs of acting upon assumptions rather than critical knowledge, data or facts in the short as well as long term.

Is your team open to doing things differently? Do they tend to think outside the box and get creative or are they stuck in an “automatic” or “one size fits all” mode of doing tasks and activities? Where are the gaps that slow down or halt productivity, completion of tasks, impede performance and give you poor results?

Which team members work well together and who don’t? Are there other factors that improve or worsen the outcome? Are there new strategies that emerge as a result of the game that would greatly benefit your company? Could they be incorporated to upgrade the structuring of the business model itself; change or streamline standard operating procedures and systems? Could they boost revenue or be used to generate additional revenue streams or cash flow?

What pitfalls can now be avoided? How else can you make use of what you’ve learned? Are people paying attention to the instructions, rules and parameters of the game? Are they clear and have you communicated them effectively? What’s the cross application of this within your business?

How does the act of “playing a game” affect the overall morale of your staff, boost self-confidence, improve their level of happiness and well-being as well as improving mental acuity/dexterity, critical thinking, focus and awareness? How can you implement this on a regular basis to improve productivity as well as performance?

You can choose to have a “game” day or a “game” training for your company in house or send your team to a company that specializes in games or gaming for enhancing revenue, personal development and performance.

Through the direct experience of games, your key personnel can work their way through challenges and obstacles in new and creative ways that stimulate solution thinking, responsiveness, leadership strategies, masterminding, networking, joint venturing and team building.

What could this do for your company if you were to implement it as one of your key strategies? What potential and opportunities will you be missing out on by not using it?

Test it out in the next quarter and find out.





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