Having a team of people working for you is essential for creating success no matter what endeavor you are working on and regardless of how large or small your project is. When you have a good team, you can accomplish far more than what you can do on your own. When you don’t have a good team it can be problematic and cause disruptions and delays to your work flow and slow down both productivity and performance.

Choosing the right team is like having the ultimate recipe. It works superbly every time.

Regardless of the conditions around you, how things may vary or change, the right team adapts to any situation without skipping a beat. Conversely having the wrong team of people working for you can be like “herding cats.” No matter what you do, or how you simplify tasks for them, their skill sets and talents are mismatched and this causes friction and drag that weighs down how both your team and your company functions, slowing it down, halting work and in some cases it may even sabotage being able to achieve the outcomes you desire.

One of the companies I work for just did a live event and it was an absolute pleasure being part of a truly phenomenal team!

So what is the recipe for creating the “right team” and what are the qualities and characteristics you want to be looking for? Here is a snapshot of what makes an outstanding team.

  1. When choosing who you have working for you, always choose the Best!

The CEO of the company I work with is a remarkable woman. On her own she can do the work of 10 people. She is the commensurate steward leader, helping to groom and guide others developing them to be self-sufficient and excel on their own. She is a visionary, looking at the long term big picture while at the same time having her finger on the pulse of what is going on within the company and in the marketplace that surrounds her to keep abreast of changes and trends that are necessary for her to be aware of to keep the company both profitable and viable. She has extremely high integrity and is very caring. She is always focused on the best outcome not just for the company itself and the head of the company but for all their clients, employees, vendor companies etc. She is a “solution based” thinker who is not attached to being right, but rather to having the most effective and efficient results and has the willingness to adapt, modify or change when the need arises.

She is hands on, takes charge, and jumps in to fill in on any role and anywhere necessary to get things done. In a nutshell, this woman is a powerhouse who is an absolute dream to work with. As a CEO, she is worth way more than her weight in gold not just for the short term but also for maintaining the longevity, growth and expansion of the business.

Having someone like this as the head of the team is fundamental for establishing a strong foundation for the company. Additionally for being able to steer the company in the right direction; knowing the trends within the business as well as what is going on around the business at a moment’s notice and being able to make the best decisions possible to capitalize upon opportunities and assets as they arise as well as discerning what is a true opportunity/asset and what is not.

What I have observed from working with teams in a number of different industries over a period of more than 20 years is that it’s not the size of your team that counts as much as the quality of the team members. ALWAYS leverage the best people possible to be part of your team.

When you have the best leader possible for the business you are running, one that is passionate about what they do, who is courageous and forward thinking, you are 80 – 90% of the way.

  1. Have team members whose skillsets complement each other

Choose people to work on your team whose skillsets and strengths complement each other. If you have one person who is great at setting up and managing a project then they work together extremely well with an individual or a team who are good at executing those tasks necessary for fulfilling the requirements of that project. If someone is less “people” oriented use their strengths for task that are not people focused and have your team members who are people focused spearhead those tasks or components of your project that require good communication and personal interaction with others

  1. Pick people who are good team players that work together for the greater “Whole”

The next most important aspect of your team is that they can work together as a seamless cohesive unit. The sum is greater than the parts of the whole. When you consider the human body, there is never a time in how it functions where an individual cell jumps up and decides it wants to run the show. For example a liver cell doesn’t jump up and say, “Hey, I’m a liver cell, I want to run this human being’s body today. Or a brain cell jumps up and wants to take over the functioning of the body or a heart cell thinks it is the most important and should be the one in charge.

Every cell in our body is connected and knows at one and the same time what is happening at all points, at all times and we have feedback loops that keep things constant, stable and adaptable to change so that the “Whole” being our human physiology can run with optimal functioning at all times.

The same thing happens with a good team. When everyone works together with the optimal outcome of the “Whole” company/business or project in mind, then there is an almost intuitive and seamless way these individuals work together. Each one is aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses and they fill in, pick up the slack and adapt where necessary to make sure everything works and flows as a cohesive unit. When your team works in this way, there is a joy, power and effortlessness that seems to exponentially propel the outcome of what your team can achieve. Having been part of many teams, I have experienced first hand that a small cohesive team can achieve way more that a much larger team of people that are not focused on the vision of the company, or the objectives of the projects that you are working on. Choose team members who are caring, solution based thinkers who want to achieve outcomes that surpass their individual need to be noticed or glorified and instead derive their passion and drive for making something greater than themselves a reality as their focus.

  1. Pick people who have maximum behavioral flexibility

Choose people for your team that have behavioral flexibility, that love to learn and grow who can adapt to change and flow with whatever the needs of your company or project requires. A business is not a static thing and may require constant small changes or adaptations to keep it on course to fulfill the vision of the company and stay the course long term. The same with the projects you are working on.

When you have a team like this, who cares more about the whole and the overall outcome you have a team that is fueled by passion and vision. When you have great teamwork, you have an extremely powerful and potent unit that achieves great heights because they are all working together with one objective in mind, to create success and greater success each and every time.

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