Think about this for a second. You want to go on a vacation to New York. You have no idea where it is, you don’t have a clue how to get there and you don’t have any access to a map or the Internet. You’ve simply heard that it’s an awesome place to visit and it’s somewhere in the US. What is the likelihood you are going to get there and how long will it take you? Chances are slim or if you do, it’s going to take you a really long time. You’d have to very slowly figure it out step-by-step and inch you way along.

Now what if you had the wrong picture – one that showed you that you couldn’t do it. You didn’t have what it takes to get there. You weren’t good enough. It wasn’t for you. You don’t have the money or the time to go there. You don’t have the skills to get you there. You don’t have the right information or education or, who would let somebody like you into New York anyway?

It’s a bit like living in Australia (which is where I’m from) and having a really clear vision and believing that it’s within walking distance. Well after all it’s on the cover of the jigsaw puzzle box right there in front of you so you believe it’s the right picture, don’t you? Just like that stuff that you run in your head (the stories you make up in your mind) you believe it because it is right there in front of you. So there’s this really clear vision and belief that you can get to New York …by foot from Sydney, Australia.

Are you ever going to get there? Well the answer is obviously, “No.”

How do you feel as you are attempting to make this a reality for yourself? That picture even though it is really clear it’s just not working is it? None of the pieces seem to fit. How do you feel? Frustrated, angry, overwhelmed or perhaps helpless, hopeless, anxious or stressed.

Have you ever felt like that? Like you are getting nowhere fast? Do you give up? Do you give up on your dream? Yes, no, maybe?

Have you ever given up on a dream before? Given up on something that you really wanted? We all have haven’t we?

Now what if, YOU just had a mismatched picture. That’s all it was. Just like those school kids. “Oh, you’ve got the wrong jigsaw puzzle cover… That’s not the right picture. Let me go get the cover with the right picture on it. There you go. That’s better isn’t it?

How do you think you’d feel now… knowing that’s all it was? You’d feel differently wouldn’t you?

So why don’t we take all that “Old Stuff” – those old beliefs about yourself and that mismatched picture and any other wrong pictures and throw them out in the trash.

Let’s get a new picture.

Check this out: You live in California. You have a crystal clear Vision in your head that you really want to go to New York. You can see it, you can taste it you can hear it, you can feel the vibe of the place. It’s exactly like that video you saw on YouTube. It’s absolutely amazing! You can just feel this excitement inside of you about going there and being there.

So you call your travel agent because you are going to book a ticket on a flight and the travel agent says she has a really great deal. She has a really good friend who has a Learjet and she offers you a ticket to fly from LA to New York on this jet and it’s the same price as a commercial flight, much less people, more room and you’ve never traveled on a private Learjet before, so you are going to go by Learjet aren’t you? Well of course you are!

You book your accommodation at a really fabulous hotel that overlooks Central Park and there are all these really cool places you want to go and visit so you plan where you want to go and book everything and you pack a suitcase with all your favorite clothes and you have this fantastic expense account over there where you can use as much money as you like to buy whatever you like and you’ve planned to hook up with a group of your best friends and they’re going to show you around to all of their favorite places and restaurants and meet their friends. You have planned this down to the finest detail so that you are going to do ALL the stuff you love to do the most.

What type of your experience do you think you’ll have while you’re in New York? It’s going to be AWESOME isn’t it!

Let’s talk about Goal Setting shall we?

When you have that clear vision that clear picture of what it is you want, let’s call that your Big Picture Goal or your Long Term Goal and then you plan out all the goals along the way that you need to make to get you there, let’s call them your Short Term Goals, you end up with a fantastic outcome like that vacation to New York via Learjet.

All the action steps are clearly in place and you just follow along going from one to the other in order to achieve what it is you desire. By planning what steps you are going to take along the way to your dream and then taking action and doing them, is like following a map to get to the destination of your choice. When you have the vision you set up the ultimate destination and then when you set up the goals you set up the course or the path that your journey takes. By following your map with the action steps that you take, you move progressively from goal to goal till you reach your ultimate destination. Then it is time to choose a new destination and plan your next adventure.

What I’d like you to do now is to get a pen and some paper and at the top of the page write the title, “Goal Setting.” Underneath this begin to write some goals for yourself. Think of them as a “wish list.”

If you had a genie who could grant you ANY wish you desire write them down as your goals. Include wishes that you have in your heart of hearts that you have never told anyone about. They can be in any area of your life, your health, fitness, sport performance, artistic performance, your relationships, family, friends, your education, academic performance, wealth creation, career, finances or anything else.

Whatever you choose to write down as your goals make them big, make them huge make them so exciting and so fantastic that when you do achieve them it will completely change your life in powerful, positive and wonderful ways.

The one final piece you want to have with setting your goals is the date when you want your goal to occur. Make sure you include the date when you WANT to achieve your outcome. This makes your goal compelling. We don’t want one day someday goals: “Oh, one day, someday I’m going to graduate from school or college.” “Oh, one day, I am going to learn how to drive.” “Oh, someday, I’m going to get to New York.”

Who wants to be 90 years old before you achieve your goal? Anybody? For most people the one day someday goals never come.

When setting your goals you want an exact time and date when your goals will occur don’t you? Awesome!

You have 10 minutes to write down your goals. Ready go!

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