In order to manifest the financial outcomes you want in life it’s necessary to take action.

A bag of money doesn’t simply fall out of the sky and land on our head just because we want to increase our income. In order to grow revenue you need to take action.

What type of actions do you need to take?

The actions that you need to take must be revenue-producing actions.

So what are Revenue-Producing Actions?

Any actions that move you along a sequence of events or a system that is designed to bring you a sale/sales. It could be for example designing and executing a marketing plan with campaigns that promotes your products and services to your target market. It could be doing a presentation to an audience either live or online, highlighting the benefits of what you do and how will improve your audience’s lives and then giving them a “call to action” to acquire the sale. It could be taking time to research and survey what your target market specifically wants and needs so you can actually give it to them.

These actions do not include being “busy” or activities that you believe you should be doing but in actual fact are not related at all to bringing in sales.

When focusing on the optimal actions to take on a daily basis be thinking about your “end result.” What is the overall outcome you have in mind? What can you do today that will either allow you to hit your result or will bring you closer to your result?

If you are working on a long term project, take the time to map out your action plan and then review it each week to see if you are on course or whether you need to modify or add to your plan in order to keep on track.

If you are not sure of how to execute what you have in mind, don’t let that stop you! Connect with someone who does and learn from them and/or have them assist or mentor you. Build a team of people around you that can work together with you to fulfill your outcome and build new ones.

Most importantly, take action on what you love, what you are passionate about, your core competencies and delegate and outsource everything else to others in your team. That way each person can be focused on what they do best and you get the best overall outcome possible.

Jack Canfield speaks about one of his friends Dr. Ignatius Piazza who at the time had just finished chiropractic school and wanted to move to Monterey in California near Pebble Beach. When he approached the local chiropractic association in this region he was told they already had one chiropractor for every 8 people in this area so they didn’t need any more chiropractors. Instead of being deterred he took revenue-producing action and for the 6 months prior to opening up his practice he knocked on every door in the area. He introduced himself as the new doctor in town and asked the residents if he could ask them a few questions, such as to when was the best time for him to have his practice open? (E.g. before 9 am and after 5 pm to accommodate people who worked 9 am – 5 pm.) If he had an open house to introduce his new practice, would they come? In 6 months he knocked on 12,500 doors, he talked to 6,500 people and gathered over 4,000 names from people who said, “Yes” to coming to his open house.

In his first month of opening his new practice in an area that “didn’t need a new chiropractor” he netted $72,000. In his first year of his practice his gross income was over $1 Million.

Revenue-producing actions give you real results!

Jack Canfield video: “Taking Action”


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