Here are 10 great tips that will help to make you an unstoppable force in both your business and personal life.

  1. Clarity

Get clear on the overall outcome you want to achieve. Take the time to reassess your vision, mission and purpose of what you are doing. Is this actually what you want to be doing or do you need to make a few course corrections to get you back on track to where you want to be heading now?

  1. Set An Intention

Set an intention, make a declaration of what is important to you and what you want to achieve, “I intend to _________” e.g. “I intend to double my income this year from $500K to $1Million or something better” “I intend to take 4 vacations this year, 1 every quarter.” “I intend to work out 5 days a week.”

Make it short, concise and 1 sentence long.

  1. Create A Plan Of Action

Create an action plan of what you specifically need to do in order to achieve your goal.

If you have a 12-month goal break it down into monthly, 30-day action plans so you are clear on what you need to focus on each month.

  1. Take Action

Actually execute the action steps necessary that will give you the outcome(s) you want. Each day what are the optimal tasks you need to complete so that you are on track for your weekly and monthly goals? Then make sure you do them!

  1. Focus On The Outcome You Want

Regardless of how life is showing up around you, stay focused on the outcome you want.

Keep it clear in your mind and act as if it is already a reality for you.

  1. Create A Dream Team

Create A Dream Team of people you want to be working with. You want to surround yourself with people that will support you to be the best that you can be, who have a vested interest in excellence, integrity and the goals you want to achieve.

  1. Focus On Doing Things That You Love

You want people on your team that you can delegate/outsource tasks to do on your behalf, so that your time is well spent on tasks that require your core competencies, your unique skill sets and what you are passionate about. Focus on doing things that you love to do and delegate or outsource the rest to others.

  1. Show Up, No Matter What!

Be 100% committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve your goal. No ifs ands or buts!

Show up no matter what and you will be successful.

  1. Have Fun & Celebrate Your Successes & Milestones

It’s important to include having fun as part of what you do on a daily basis as well as acknowledging the great steps you are taking. Make sure you celebrate the fact that you are showing up, you’re taking action and that each day you are making your goal a reality. Reward yourself when you achieve your weekly and monthly goals etc.

  1. Develop & Establish Long Term Relationships

When you take the time to develop, establish and cultivate long-term relationships with your executive team, employees, clients, customers and partners you will reap the rewards of what you sow. The life of a client/customer may be worth thousands or millions of dollars, let alone the referral business that they bring to you. Treat people well, how “they want to be treated” and not how you think they should be treated. Take the time to find out what they want and need and then give it to them. It will create a win-win situation for all concerned.



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