The late Jim Rohn was one of the most highly respected men not only in the personal growth & development field, but also as a successful entrepreneur, accomplished author and speaker.

When he was starting out in his career he had a mentor named Earl Shoaff. In one of their discussions, Earl asked Jim what he wanted to achieve and he told him that he wanted to be a millionaire. In his reply to Jim, Earl’s words of wisdom were as follows, “It is not about the money, the million dollars, it’s about who you rise up to become.”

Why is it important to have a mentor?

A true mentor is someone that already has achieved a level of success and greatness that far surpasses what most people strive to achieve. Ideally they should also be your well-wisher, someone that’s 100% unconditionally supportive of you and your success.

A mentor is someone that has the experience, knowledge and wisdom that has not only led them to their own success in their specific field, but also gives them the ability to lead others to their own ensuing success.

Through divine providence, divine destiny, I have been extremely fortunate to have found one of the most remarkable human beings and mentors I have ever had the honor and privilege of meeting – Guruji Mahendra Trivedi.

He has without question changed the course and trajectory of my life. I cannot even imagine what my life would be like without his unconditional support, patience, guidance and attention.

Your well-wisher and mentor has the ability to see things from a 50,000 ft. perspective while you are seeing things from ground zero. You might think you know it all, have experienced it all, but here’s the reality – you don’t.

When we are humble enough to listen, pay attention and follow their recommendations, the path to success is inevitable.

Yes it will require you and I to change, let go of old belief systems, be uncomfortable as we move out of our “comfort zone,” take action, do self analysis and be brutally honest, test out and adopt new things and new habits, have trust and faith in things we may not see yet because it is beyond our current skill set, scope, or level of consciousness.

To become who you are meant to rise up to become, takes time, dedication, focus and patience. You don’t get a Ph.D. directly after completing elementary school. What you have learned is nowhere near enough to earn you a dissertation.

You don’t get a pilot’s license and become the captain of a commercial airline carrier after completing only one flying lesson. Without having the fundamental principles and training in place, the knowledge, application and experience and everything else that is required you don’t earn that pinnacle of achievement.

In the realm of the Divine, that pinnacle is far greater, requiring a human being that has qualities and characteristics that are exemplary and shine with the essence of the Creator, the authority that created us. They are honest, truthful, loyal, caring, sacrificing, disciplined, obedient, compassionate and unconditionally loving.

These are all qualities that we can aspire to and when we adopt them, not just “say” we have these qualities but we actually become them, we are transformed. We become more like that which is “pure, Divine, Pure Creative Intelligence” and less like “matter, that which is impure.”

This is not for the faint hearted. It is a rarity and only one or two out of the 7.7 billion people on the planet ever become a leader of this caliber, a Spiritual Master and leader like Guruji.

When we are blessed to personally know or hear about someone like this we can learn from them and embody these qualities that they are the examples and role models of.

A mentor helps to guide us and provide the bridge from where we are now to where we are going. They paint the picture, the vision of what is looming outside of what we can see on the horizon. They open our awareness and help us to see solutions and the extraordinary out of that which seems impossible. They support us to never give up, to strive past what we think is humanly possible, to not cave into our fears and belief systems and to never accept mediocre or “good enough” instead of excellence. They are the ones that are caring and loving enough to tell us the truth when no one else will. They are the scaffolding that makes our success and evolution possible. They are the wind that fills our sails into uncharted waters so that we can venture where our spirit yearns to voyage and beyond.

To my beloved Guruji, I am forever grateful that God brought you into my life.

There are no words that can ever describe how blessed I am and feel each and every day for your Divine presence, caring and grace.

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