What do I do with all the great ideas that come to me? How do I get around to doing them and how will I remember them?

You can create what I call an “Idea Bank.”

Use tools or apps like Excel, Evernote or Google Tasks to create your idea bank and you can store it in a repository like Google Drive or BOX.

Create a folder, database or list of the ideas you wish to “bank” or keep in mind for future execution. What are your overall objectives that you want to achieve this year, this quarter, this month?

Do the ideas fit in with your objectives & time frames? If yes, categorize your ideas as:

12-month ideas

6-month ideas

3-month ideas

1-month ideas

For ideas that don’t fit in with your 12-month objectives, list them as long term ideas 1 – 2 years, 3 – 5 years etc.

You can further divide your ideas under different subcategories of your life such as health & fitness, relationships, creative/artistic, business & finances, spirituality, travel etc.

When you bank your ideas of future activities, remember to write out their name, a description of what they are and the purpose of why you wish to execute them. You might also like to add short videos, photos, drawings, mindmaps, diagrams, links to articles and websites and links to songs and music where applicable. By doing this you create a trail of breadcrumbs as markers to remind you or what made this specific idea so great or important in the first place and to inspire you and reignite your imagination once you pick up your idea back up again.

You can color code your ideas to help you sort out time frames at a glance. All ideas you wish to achieve in the next 3 – 6 months color code them green, all ideas that you wish to execute in the next 6 – 12 months color code them orange and all ideas that you wish to execute in 12 months or more, color code them red.

Take a look at your idea bank at least once a month to see how you are progressing and decide whether it’s time to select a few ideas to add to your business and/or life projects.

Once you have selected ideas to execute, simply remove them from your idea bank and archive them in an “Executed” folder of completed ideas especially as this information could be useful for some other future application that you haven’t done yet or you may wish to repeat them.

As you act upon your ideas and execute them also update your idea bank so you are progressing each new concept/project forward and repositioning your “red” color coded projects to “orange” and you move up your orange coded projects to “green.”

If some of your ideas no longer appeal to you or you find yourself moving in a different direction from what you had originally come up with, simply remove them from your idea bank. As they may be useful for someone else or for some future application, archive them into a “Not Executed” folder of your ideas that you haven’t taken action on yet.






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