Have you ever had vivid dreams or dreams that kept recurring and wondered what they meant? Here’s a way of exploring the symbols and messages within your dreams in order to get clarity about issues or challenges that you might be currently facing and what your next steps are to resolve them.

With Dream Analysis you can analyze your dreams so as to give you insight into what messages they are giving you about specific areas of your life. You can also analyze the same dream again using a different overall context. It will give you a different outcome and a different way of viewing what messages are coming from your unconscious mind.

You can do this process with any dream you had regardless of whether it was last night, 10 years ago or it comes from when you were a child.

Overall Context Of Your Dream

Choose the overall context for your dream analysis:

  • Career & Finances
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • What’s the grander purpose of having a limiting belief? (E.g. I’m not important/I’m different/I can’t be successful etc.)
  • Creativity

List The Main Symbols In Your Dream, The Meanings & Contextual Meanings That Corresponds To Each Symbol

Now divide your page into 3 columns – Symbols, Meaning, Contextual Meaning

Symbols                           Meaning                                     Contextual Meaning

1. Write down/list all the main symbols that came up in your dream. Below are examples of symbols from a dream:






Eating on your own

Looking through a window

Item used to negotiate with

Not communicating

Knocking on a window pane

Horseback riding

Being Happy

2. Now under the Heading “Meaning” come up with the meaning of each of these symbols. Allow your unconscious mind or intuition to come up with the meaning. This is not a literal translation of the symbol. This is not a conscious mind process.

3. Under the Heading “Contextual Meaning” come up with the contextual meaning of each of the corresponding symbols. The context is based upon the area you chose to analyze your dream in such as Finances, Health Relationships etc.) Allow your unconscious mind or intuition to come up with the contextual meaning.

For example: The meaning of a symbol might be a “source of energy” and in the context of health, the contextual meaning might be “spending time in nature.”

The meaning of a symbol might be a “gift” and in the context of finances, the contextual meaning might be “ creating a nest egg”.

 Come Up With The Overall Meaning/Message Of Your Dream

Once you have all this information set out in the 3 columns what is the overall meaning of the dream based upon the context you selected? Allow your unconscious mind/intuition to come up with this.

For example: The overall meaning might be “to see obstacles as opportunities to grow and express myself fully. To trust myself and my inner wisdom fully.”

Action Step

Based upon the overall meaning of your dream what is the next action step you need to take?

For example: Spend time outdoors being in nature every day

Schedule regular weekly meetings to collaborate on a project





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