Monkey bars, jungle gym or scaffolding-like structures exist in our brain and get built into ideas, beliefs, emotions and thoughts etc. They are part of the ever-expanding networks of neural pathways and synaptic gap junctions that we create to communicate information. We can climb through them or get caught up in them.

Alternatively we can use them to simply lead us back to our original blueprint, thought, pure self – where we can flow with Pure Awareness, Pure Creative Intelligence. We are not attached to the structures, in fact we can simply slide down them, easily and effortlessly, just like when you climb and play on a jungle gym. It is designed as a fabrication to climb, play on, you can slide across or down it, but it is not who you are. We are not attached to it. We can let go at any time or choose to continue playing on it and exploring it. However, there comes a point when we no longer need or desire to be on the structure and we simply slide down it, we let go and go back to Wholeness, back to the Self.

It is a good thing to recognize, remember that we are not the scaffolding, nor are we attached and also there is nothing to fear. When we let go, when we slide down, there is a joy, a pleasure in being. We reawaken what it is to be and the joy of experiencing the Self. It’s a thrill to experience our own Divine nature that is within us and is us. When we experience ourselves as the Self, then the scaffolding simply dissolves.

We can always create more and we do on a regular basis. The key is to recognize that they are made up, and they can become a labyrinth in which we get caught up in and stuck, or they become a temporary structure we can observe and explore for a moment, just like cloud formations in the sky and then we go back to being …and like clouds, they simply disappear.

We get to choose where we want to play, what thought structures, scaffolding we want to explore, focus on and when we want to stop and let go.

What are you choosing right now? Where are you choosing to play?

When we let go of resisting change, there is no fear, no structure, nothing. There is simply being. When we stop trying to force an outcome, there is nothing left to stand in our way. We get to slide, and glide through what we are navigating in our life, enjoying being in flow. When we release and let go of our expectations, we are no longer imprisoned by time commitments or limitations of beliefs and can allow the magic and genius of creative intelligence to unfold and bring the best outcome to us in perfect order and timing.

The jungle gym, scaffolding is there if we need to get a grip on where we are, get our bearings for a moment, get a cognition and then we simply slide past it and let go!


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