Today is 9-11-2019 and I am reminded of what life was like when the events of 9-11 took place in 2001. At the time I was a flight attendant for Qantas and we had landed shorty before into Honolulu.

I had gotten to my hotel and fallen asleep when my fiancé called at 2.30 in the morning half crazed. I thought he was “stark staring mad” when he spoke of airplanes smashing into the World Trade Center but unfortunately when he told me to turn on the television, the insanity of it all became all too real and very close to home.

For 5 days as we were all grounded and no aircrafts were allowed to fly, life seemed like a surreal blur and these tragic events made absolutely no sense.

What did make sense and what was remarkable was the way people came together and supported each other. How strangers as well as family and friends came together as one humanity to give what ever they could to each other, emergency services, medical aid, financial assistance, food, shelter, love, a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen with, a box of tissues to wipe away the tears.

What I noticed was in that moment, all our differences seemed to disappear and we banded together as 1 people, with 1 voice and 1 heart that was filled with compassion for those who had died and their families left behind; for all those that selflessly risked their lives for others and all those that were devastated and shocked by the news of what had transpired. We came together as a community, as a nation, as the world.

In this turbulent time, the human spirit came together as one being and raised its head like the phoenix to create something remarkable out of the ashes of tragedy.

If we can do this at such a time, what else are we capable of? How else can we choose to show up instead each and every day? How can we apply this to our business, our family and friends, our community and our world? What impression do we want to leave behind as a legacy for generations to come? What would our world be like if we used these principles of a united humanity to light the torch of freedom, equality, justice and philanthropy for all of mankind… Imagine that…

It starts with us, it starts with you and me, right here and now in this moment. How are you stepping up and being a guiding light for others to follow in your footsteps today?

What legacy do you want to leave behind? What act of compassion and kindness can you share with others each and every day that will make a difference in the life of others?

I’m committed to this, what about you?





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