When things are going well in our life and things are flowing smoothly and easily, we can be more relaxed in who we are and what we do. Have you ever noticed however, when you’re experiencing obstacles and challenges that it’s easy to become emotionally unsettled, your thinking is not as clear and you begin to find fault with others?

It’s easy to judge and blame everyone and everything else for what is going wrong in your life, but here’s the thing. As you are pointing one finger blaming or judging another, you actually have three fingers pointing back at yourself.

Being judgmental of others can occur due to resisting change. You want to maintain the status quo or you want things to stay the same as you have a fear of the unknown and/or a fear about the future.

Life is always going to present a series of challenges and obstacles so that we can continue to learn and grow. What is important is to be patient and have compassion as things and people are not always as they seem.

When you can take a moment to breathe deeply, decompress and clear your head, you can discern what is really going on and not be influenced by your fears, anxieties and frustrations and any old stories or beliefs that you have running in your mind.

When you change your perspective and take out the tinges of emotions that color and flavor what you are looking at, you will find the landscape of what you are viewing alters. From my own experience, what I find is that when I have a different perspective, what I’m observing alters.

Let go of the past and old stories about the past, as they are no longer true now, in this moment, in the present.

When you are judging others, you are really only judging yourself and finding fault with aspects of yourself that you have not fully come to terms with or that you are resisting coming to terms with.

When we can let go of fears about the unknown, about being hurt or our fear of uncertainty then the entire landscape of our life changes. We are then able to enjoy the wonder of uncertainty and the unknown just like a child does. If you ever observe young children having a new experience they simply take everything in like a camera lens and delight in what they are seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting etc. They reach out and experience pleasure through their senses as they observe everything as an extension of themselves without, prejudice, bias or judgment.

When you let go of judgment of others, all that remains is love. Love of others and yourself. Everything is an expression of Self. Ultimately there is no separation between yourself and others and what you are left with is love of the Self. Isn’t it time to do yourself a favor and let go of the judgment? Imagine that!



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