Want to create long lasting change? Here’s how you do it:

1. Decide – The word “decide” means to cut off from any other possibility. Decide what you want to do. Decide what your goal is, your dream is

2. Commit – Make the commitment to do what ever it takes to achieve your goal.

3. Take Action -You must act/do something!

“Even if you’re on the right track you’ll get run over if you just sit there”- Will Rogers

If you think, “ I’ll do it someday” or “We’ll see” – you’ll get someday results/we’ll see results. Someday NEVER comes.


4. Focus on What You Want – Set an intention and/or use Strategic Visioning to plot out your course so you are constantly moving towards the things you want most in your life to the exclusion of everything else.

For example your goal may be to create more income for yourself /increase your level of health and fitness/improve your relationships/increased productivity in your business. You can do a Strategic Visioning (including how you will celebrate) for each month this year to plot out your incremental improvements.

You can also do a Strategic Visioning for what you want to achieve in 1 year, 3 years and 5 years etc. To learn more go to: https://www.dezikoster.com/strategic-visioning/

5. Get a Baseline of What You Are Actually Doing – Get a baseline of what you are really doing in a week i.e. to see what you are really focused on. LIST EVERYTHING you are doing over the next 168 HOURS (1 week = 168 hours.) That way you can see EXACTLY what you are DOING with your time.

Once you have your baseline, how are you using your time now? How could you be doing it differently or what could you be doing instead to be more efficient, more productive, to be more focused on what you want, that was even more creative, more fun in the achievement of your goals?

REMEMBER – Energy goes where your attention flows. Start focusing your attention EXCLUSIVELY on what you want and exclude everything else! This includes your thoughts, your emotional states, your words, your language and your behaviors.

6. Create a Powerfully Supportive Environment – Who you become is the result of the people you hang out with and the books that you read. You’ll only rise to the expectation of your peer group so surround yourself with a powerful group of people that will hold you accountable, that will hold you to a higher standard than you could possibly do yourself.

7. Have a Mindset that there is always MORE to learn – Be open minded. Be like a sponge for learning.

8. Have a FEROCIOUS Curiosity. Be like a child opening your Christmas presents. Close your eyes and go back to a time in your childhood and remember what it was like opening your presents. What was that experience was like when you touched the present, felt the weight of it, what did it sound like when you shook it? What were you expecting/anticipating? How were you feeling?

Were you excited/ wildly curious? Did you check out the presents before Christmas day or not? What was going on for you at the EXACT MOMENT BEFORE you opened up the present? Close your eyes see what you saw. What did the present look like? Who else was in the room with you? Notice the big smiles on their faces. Hear what you heard. People’s voices, the sound your present made, the sound of the paper crinkling in your hand. What did you tell yourself in your own mind and how did you feel right at that very moment when you were just about to discover what it was? Now turn those feelings up like the volume knob on a TV set. Double them! Quadruple them!

Excellent!!!!!! Now open up your eyes.

Use that ferocious curiosity (like when you were a child opening a Christmas present) when you are faced with different situations in your life.

For example if you come across a situation where things go wrong or that you don’t want or don’t like- Ask yourself these questions:

“What can I learn from this? How can I make it different next time?”

You can also ask yourself, “What did I decide/need to believe in to create this situation? What would I like instead?” (The decision/belief uncovers the obstacle(s) that are preventing you from moving forward to achieving your goal.) By obliterating negative emotions and destroying limiting decisions you remove the boundary condition of your unconscious thinking that holds you back.

Albert Einstein said, “We are limited by the boundary condition of our thinking.” He also said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Conversely if you come across a situation where things are going right for you, that you love/enjoy/are passionate about ask yourself this question: “How can I replicate this excellence again as I move forward into the future so that I can fast track my success?”

9. Plan – Plan out what you can do to create that increase that income/health and fitness/relationship/productivity. Remember in life we don’t get what we want we get what we EXPECT. No expectation is an expectation of “NO”.

Use your IMAGINATION! Be Creative!!!!!! Make it Big, make it Bold, make it Brilliant!!!!!!!!! Remember: You are the STAR of your imagination. You can do what EVER you want.

Albert Einstein imagined he was sitting on a beam of light in order to come up with his Theory of Relativity. Walt Disney when asked about how he initially envisioned Disneyland, he said it was “Gold and glittery and out there somewhere.” Now look at the legacy of his dream! What about the Wright Brothers? Here were 2 crazy kids who imagined they could fly. What’s with that? Everybody knows you can’t fly… don’t they? Look at the aviation industry today that came into being because of a “WILD IDEA” in somebody’s imagination.

Instead of believing it when you see it I want you to Imagine It! To BELIEVE it after you see it in your imagination. (We do this all the time e.g. what we decide to eat for breakfast, we imagine it in our minds first before we eat it. What we decide to wear in the morning we imagine it in our minds first before we get dressed.)

Dare to dream and have fun!

I dare you!

Start creating your tomorrow by imagining it today.


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