Do you own a car and/or do you know how to drive a car? Great!

Think of your car as a vehicle that gets you to destinations in your life. It is kind of like you. It is how you transport yourself around, how you get to where you want to be.

Now all cars come with a manual. Do you have a manual with your car? Yes. Have you ever looked at it? Your manual shows you what’s inside. The nuts and bolts of how everything works – how to keep it functioning at an optimal level. Things like regular services, checking the oil and changing it where necessary, changing the tires when the tread runs down and realigning them all, keeping a check on tire pressure, oil pressure, the brakes, brake fluid, brake pads, car temperature, checking the water level what to do if something is not functioning. What if your car doesn’t start? Perhaps it’s the battery, or maybe it is something to do with the electronic ignition malfunctioning. Your manual takes you through all the steps of what’s inside your car. It’s kind of like the manual of your life.

Now hopefully, you have a GPS in your car or you have Google Maps on your phone so that you can navigate your way to where you want to go. Do you have one of these in your car? Excellent!

Your GPS or map helps you not only to find your destination, but how to get yourself there by the most direct route and just in case that route is blocked or you happen to take a wrong turn somewhere, it shows you alternative ways to get you where you want to be.

All of this is very important information to have and it has taught you some very great skills up to this point. The map however, is not the territory. And things change all the time. Your map may not contain current new projects that are being built, route redirections, nor the new roads or super highways that you need to take to get you there.

Quite frankly, with all these changes you may be finding that where YOU want to be going in your life is beyond the scope of what your car can do, where it can go and where your current maps can take you.

So you ask yourself “How do you do that? How do I get to where I really want to go?” You begin to get curious. Hmmm. After all, you have some pretty lofty destinations in mind. While pondering this, you happen to look skyward and low and behold, you see an airplane. Now THAT could take you where you really want to go and fast! You get a great idea. Man you’ve never thought of that before! It’s absolutely brilliant!

YOU are going to learn how to FLY!

FLYING. You try it on for a moment and it feels pretty good. It’s a way to move powerfully forward to get you to your destination quickly, easily and in a way that you had never even considered or dreamed of up till now. Can you imagine what the view is like up there in the cockpit? What would it be like to be in charge of the controls?

Think of all the amazing places you will be able to go to now that you could never have gone to before, that you could never have reached when you were simply driving around in your car.

Of course, you don’t know the first thing about how to fly, so you decide to get some flying lessons because you realize that THIS is something that you want to excel at.

You know with every fiber of your being that this is the superhighway that you want to be on. It is the most direct route to the place where you want to be.

Now when you start there are a lot of things that you are familiar with and then there are a lot of new things that you’ve never seen before. Of course there’s a fuel gauge and an oil pressure gauge (well you’ve got one of those in your car) but there is an air speed indicator, that is something different and then you’ve got altimeters, the stick and rudder pedals, the throttle wind pressure gauges, air pressure gauges and fuel pressure you have flight control indicators, landing gear indicators and the navigational instruments are completely different to what you’re used to in your car and as for the navigational charts! Wow! Now you have maps of entire terrains including the oceans. There are navigational charts for anywhere and everywhere in the world. You map just got a whole lot bigger!

Now flying lessons are a bit like coaching. There are a lot of new things that you need to learn. It requires you to be focused in brand new ways. Now I wouldn’t want to suggest that you begin to think in new ways as you lay down new neural pathways to learn all of this. Because think about it for a minute, you’ve been doing it all your life, haven’t you? I mean it’s just like breathing. You do it all the time, don’t you?

And it is easy and effortless isn’t it? – And you do it automatically without even having to think about it don’t you?

So you learn new skill sets new mindsets new strategies, you have new tools to expedite your progress. Things like being in expanded awareness the whole time, the “learning state” so that you can take in information quickly and efficiently.

Now when you’re flying a plane it’s a pretty good idea to be aware of your surroundings isn’t it? You know, if another aircraft is nearby and especially if it is heading your way definitely a good to know!   It would be good to know about any changes in wind direction, bird strike, air turbulence clear or otherwise, wouldn’t it? And what if an indicator panel lights up what does that mean? What part of the aircraft does that relate to?

Or what if one of the indicator lights starts flashing incessantly or shuts off? What does that mean and what do you need to do to get back on course and back on track?

Thank god for the manual! It’s got all the resources you need.

So when you start these flying lessons you start to see things in brand new ways. There are so many wonderful things to learn and that ferocious curiosity of yours just eats it up ravenously.

At first it seems a bit foreign. It’s definitely something you are not used to and sometimes it is downright unfamiliar. Some things you pick up as if it were 2nd nature to you and others are a bit stilted and awkward. Just like when you were first learning to drive a car. A bit like learning how to reverse and getting used to using the clutch and changing the gears without crunching them.

You find however, there are so many cool new things that you get to do and so many new opportunities that open up for you, that pretty soon the “awkwardness” of learning how to fly becomes a thing of the past and instead you find yourself fascinated with your new discoveries and all the possibilities that open up for you now.

You and your flying instructor become an amazing team and as time goes by, flying becomes more and more automatic. It becomes part of who you are.

Pretty soon you are ready for your first solo flight and then the world is your oyster after that. All you need to do is strap in and fly and it is full speed ahead!

Where do you want to go on your first solo flight?

Where will your journey take you?

How will you feel when you get there?

Who have you become by doing this?

How can you inspire others? How can the story of your journey help carry others to where they want to be?

What will be different for you now? How do you know this?

How has your view of the world changed?

Where do you want to go next?

How will you get there?





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