Strategic Visioning is a great tool to use to get a future vision of how you want your life to be like and plant the seeds of your “Vision” out in your stream of time so as to draw it to you like a magnet.

Strategic Visioning can be used plot out the course of where you want to be going so that you are constantly moving towards the things you want most in your life to the exclusion of everything else.

For example your goal may be to create more income and have greater wealth, improve your level of health and fitness, deepen and enrich your relationship with others or expand your business. You can do a Strategic Visioning (including how you will celebrate your achievement) for each month this year to plot out your incremental improvements.

You can also do a Strategic Visioning for what you want to achieve in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years and 10 years.

To start the process use the CREATE acronym:

C – Clear & Concise (Make your goal clear so a 6 – 9 year old child could understand it)

R – Realistic (Make your goal realistic based upon where you are currently)

E- Ecological (Make your goal safe for you, for others and for the planet)

A – As Now (Make your goal as if you are experiencing it in the present time)

T – Toward What You Want/Timed (Use language that focuses on what you want)

E – End Step/Evidence Procedure (How you’ll know you’ve achieved your goal)

Use the formula:

It is now ________________ (Future Date)

I am/I have _______________ (End Step)

For example:

It is now 15th March 2021 (This is a future date that I want to use)

I have just arrived at Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport on a flight from LA to celebrate my Mum’s Birthday tomorrow. I give her a call from my cell phone and can hear the excitement in her voice!

My goal is to fly from LA to Sydney in March of next year 2021, to surprise my Mum who lives in Australia and celebrate her birthday with her. This is a realistic goal that I can achieve (I can schedule the time off and can purchase the ticket in advance) and it is ecological (not harmful to myself or others). My goal is set as if it is “today” in the present time, it is using “toward what I want language.” I am using language that is focused on the outcome I do want and not the outcome I don’t want. In this example, my outcome is “arriving at Sydney Airport. Away from what I want language would be “ I hope I don’t miss my flight.”

My goal is also timed. I have set the date as the 15th March 2021 to be arriving in Sydney.

This is the date I wish to arriving so that I can be well rested and ready to enjoy her birthday, which is on the 16th March 2021.

The end step, or the evidence I need so I know I have achieved my goal – is arriving in Sydney.

Once you have the goal you want to achieve set up, the next step is to associate directly into it as if you are living it right now in this very moment. Close your eyes and imagine. What are you seeing, who else is with you, what sounds are you hearing, who’s voice(s) are you listening to? What emotions are you feeling, are you feeling happy and filled with joy? What are you telling yourself in your own mind? Take in everything you are experiencing and turn up the volume of the experience just like you would the volume on a television, turn it up so that your experience becomes brighter, more brilliant, more alive! Now right at the peak of your experience, take a snapshot, as if you are capturing that very moment into a photo.

Now take that photo in your hand and breathe into it 3 deep “Ha” breaths as if you were breathing “life” directly into your photo. Inhale then exhale “Ha” breathing out. Do this 2 more times, filling it full of life as you exhale.

From here, imagine your “stream of time” or “timeline.” Your timeline is how you perceive time in relation to yourself – your past, present and future. For some people, when they imagine where their timeline is, their past is behind them and their future is in front of them and where they are actually standing currently is the present. For others, the present is the same position, however their past is out to their left, while their future is out to their right. Whichever way it is for you, that will be your unique stream of time.

As you see your stream of time running along, just begin to rise up so that you are floating above your timeline with your snapshot in your hand and now go out, all the way out along your future to that exact time and date that you said this event would happen and now go ahead and drop your snapshot down into your stream of time as if your word were law and as you drop it down, there is an effect set in motion, a domino effect rippling out and changing everything in your stream of time so that this event takes place and all the events that led up to this event and all the people that help you to achieve this come into play so that your future brings you all these wonderful things and more… and now knowing that all of this is out there… all of this is out there in your stream of time waiting just for you, come all the way back, all the way back to now, back into the room and open up your eyes.

Welcome back!


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