I don’t know about you, but getting rid of stuff and clearing out clutter is something I actually enjoy doing. For most people this can be tiresome or they’ll do anything to avoid it. I find I feel energized and invigorated the more I clear things out and the end result is extremely satisfying.

I’m certainly someone who follows the Coco Chanel adage, “Less is more!”

I love clean neat spaces, no “knick knacks” no clutter, just a Zen like flow when it comes to my living space and my life.

Many years ago when I still owned a television, I had it hidden inside a fabulous antique sideboard so that when it was off, it was out of sight and out of mind! It could not be seen and didn’t disturb the ambience of the room.

There is nothing like throwing things out that you don’t need, have never used or will never use. It is liberating to make space, let go of things, especially things you don’t need or want. Having areas of clear or open space, is calming, creates balance and is restful and soothing for the mind. It mimics the open spaces we find in Nature and provides us with much needed tranquility, especially in our world where we are constantly bombarded by the noise and clutter of media and social media.

This can also be related to people and relationships. If people you know or the relationships you’re in are no longer serving you, why hang onto them? Lose the toxic relationships that suck out your energy and get a new lease on life!

Having more space, and areas of empty space invites more creativity, especially in your mind. If your mind is not cluttered with old limiting beliefs or negative beliefs, with useless thoughts that keep you frustrated and trapped, then you can dream, imagine and focus on solutions that provide greater joy and success in life.

We can all learn from Nature that surrounds us. It functions in a very orderly way, to gain the greatest momentum and outcome possible. Nothing is ever wasted, extraneous, everything fits together and flows and follows a divine order. Even in our own physical body we see patterns, rhythms, cycles and an order to how our body grows, repairs, restores and rejuvenates. Nature follows the path of least resistance and there is an effortlessness to how the “Whole” works together in a frictionless, free flowing manner, without clutter, redundancies and things that are not useful for our growth and development, health and well-being.

How are you feeling right now? Do you feel refreshed, energized and ready to take on your day? Is your mind clear and focused?

If you are feeling clogged up or stuck or your mind seems distracted and cluttered with useless thoughts, then you might need to “de clutter” your life.

How you do one thing is often how you tend to do everything. If you are in the habit of hoarding or hanging onto things, then where else is this showing up in your life?

Take a mental inventory or make an actual written inventory of the main areas in your life and see if you have plenty of space to access “solution based” thinking, creative thinking, the Creative Intelligence that underlines you. Do you have space in your home, your living environment or your office? Do you have space when it comes to your relationships, your emotions even your own body, how you treat it, what you feed yourself (your mind, body and spirit)? If you don’t, then it’s time to take stock and change this habit to one that will support you and give you the freedom to function in an unencumbered way, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Schedule a time to get rid of the things you don’t need once and for all. It is not a time to be sentimental it’s a time to be focused on clearing out all the clutter. The added benefit of doing this is how good you’ll feel when you take charge and clear out all the things that don’t serve you any longer.

Adopt the habit of a “Clutter Free” lifestyle and you’ll find that not only is it relaxing and refreshing to be in your living space, it ripples out to help you feel balanced, refreshed and invigorated in all the other areas of your life as well.






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