A number of my clients have experienced difficulty keeping their word to themselves. They consider that keeping their word to others is more important and/or that it indicates that you are “showing up.” But here’s the thing, are you really?

If you are not choosing to show up for yourself first, then are you truly showing up for others, or does it merely appear that way?

If you are overworked, tired, and loading yourself up more and more, are you feeling rested, relaxed, passionate, happy or do you instead feel more and more stressed?

When you are feeling stressed, how much do you really show up? Let’s be honest here shall we? If you are stressed, shut down, overtaxed, frustrated etc. then at the very best you may be showing up with a grand total of 25% or less.

Hmm, is that really the way you want to show up for your family, friends, business, customers and clients? Is that really the way you want to show up for yourself?

“Ouch” you say, “That’s quite a reality check!”

We always want to be able to show up and give 100% and be our best. When you’re running on empty that simply isn’t possible. So what’s the alternative?

I thought you’d never ask!

Take care of you first and keep your word to yourself that you’ll actually do it. If you need to take a break, time out, time off, time to connect with the Divine, time to exercise, to eat well, to have fun, do it Nike! Schedule that first so that when you do show up for others you are firing on all cylinders, you are operating at 100%.

If you tend to be a “people pleaser” and don’t like to say “No” to others, it’s time to lose this habit once and for all! Incorporate a different strategy. Say “No” at least twice a day and notice how automatically you begin to free up your time.

If you don’t tend to delegate and outsource tasks for others to do on your behalf, there’s another habit for you to release. Begin delegating things to others daily again to free up your time.

If you promise yourself to stop burning the candle at both ends, commit to being in bed earlier, even if you start with few nights a week. That way your body can take care of itself while you are sleeping and you can wake up refreshed and supercharged for your day.

When you keep your word to yourself, you will feel less stressed, more relaxed and more in integrity with who you are. When you show up for yourself 100%, then you’ll really be showing up for others at 100% as well. Imagine the difference it will make when you do. What impact will it have on your relationships, your business and your health?

Go check it out for yourself and see!











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