A great strategy for leveraging your time and improving the performance of your employees is to have “In House” training. The training you do can be set up as a series of videos with accompanying workbooks & manuals that can be retrieved online. You can also do “in person” trainings where you meet and train your personnel face to face as a group or if your team doesn’t live in the same area you can use live streaming video and platforms like Facebook Live, Zoom, Skype or YouTube to interact with them.

The “in person” training is wonderful to use when you need to trouble shoot and target specific behaviors that don’t enhance or support your business model. It is a very elegant strategy for highlighting to your employees what is working or not working through their direct experience of doing role-playing and partner sharing exercises. You can also use these trainings to introduce new skill sets or upgrade skill sets that will give your employees a greater range of versatility, competency and overall performance.

This will benefit you in several ways.

  1. By creating short video recordings of “how to do specific action steps” that you require to be executed on your behalf, you now have a system that can be replicated multiple times. A single investment of your time can now be leveraged multiple times. Where applicable incorporate accompanying workbooks and/or procedure & protocol manuals.
  2. New staff can watch the videos follow along with the workbooks, be self sufficient and become proficient on their time without having to be a drain on your time
  3. Your videos become your intellectual property. They may be of benefit to other companies and you can license them out and create a revenue stream from them.
  4. If you are having issues with how new or current employees are performing, you can do an “in person” group training where they get to role model behaviors and trouble shoot what is working and not working. You can have your teams work in pairs or a small group of 4 and actually demonstrate and experience the aberrant behaviors they are currently using. The aim of the training is to get them to trouble shoot what they can do differently to correct what’s not working before they go out into the field again with clients and customers. These “in person” trainings can also be filmed and used to leverage your time and improve the performance of your people in the future. It can also become part of your IP that you license out.
  5. By increasing the versatility and competency of your employees you improve their productivity and performance. This in turn helps to grow your revenue and improves the overall results of your company.


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