The State of Expanded Awareness is great to use:

  • When you want to improve your productivity level
  • When you want to boost your performance level
  • When you are brainstorming, doing think tanks & creative work
  • When you are training, competing, speaking and presenting
  • When doing an activity where you are learning new information or a new skill
  • When doing advanced reading techniques  e.g. Quantum Reading or Genius Reading
  • To achieve a state of calmness and inner balance
  • When you are stuck in a negative or unresourceful emotional state or a limiting belief

Steps for Getting Into Expanded Awareness (The Learning State):

  1. Find a spot on the wall that is above eye level. Focus all your attention on that spot.
  2. While keeping your eyes on that spot begin to shift your attention and start to notice the periphery around you.
  3. Now with your eyes still on that spot shift all of your attention, focus all of your awareness out to the periphery.
  4. As you are continuing to look straight ahead, become aware that you can notice what is in the room around you, the ceiling above you, the floor, the surfaces and objects on either side of you that are at least 180 degrees on either side of your head, you can also notice the movement of objects outside the window, or inside the room on either side of you and around you.
  5. Slowly move your gaze down to the activity that is being performed while maintaining relaxed and active peripheral awareness.

Steps for Eradicating An Issue Utilizing Expanded Awareness:

Do this process after learning and doing the steps for “Getting Into Expanded Awareness”

Step 1:

Focus all of your attention on a spot on the wall in front of you that is above eye level. This focusing on a single point is called Foveal or Tunnel Vision.

If you are using this tool to get un-stuck from an unresourceful emotional state (e.g. Overwhelmed, Frustrated, Sad, Hopeless, Angry, Scared, Anxious, Stuck etc.) or a limiting belief (I’m not _______ enough, I can’t _____, I’ll never be_______ etc.)

Focus ALL those negative feelings and thoughts into that spot now, just “Laser focus” them into that spot now.

Step 2:

As you are focusing all of your attention on that spot now, just begin to allow your attention to expand out to the periphery. Begin to notice all the things around you now the floor, the ceiling, the colors and textures of things around you, any furniture, people, any movements as you bring ALL of your awareness, bringing ALL of your awareness into the periphery now, As you are looking straight ahead with all of your awareness in the periphery now, NOTICE that it is as if your awareness wraps around you and behind you now and that you take in everything that is around you now whether it be what is going on outside the window perhaps you become aware of the trees, their leaves fluttering in the wind, and at the same time you become aware of everything that is going on inside the room. (You are now in Expanded Awareness)

And the question is now as you are keeping all of your attention in this Expanded Awareness “How did you know that even was a problem for you?”

Just become aware of the answer that comes to you.

Step 3:

(While remaining in Expanded Awareness)

Preserve the learning, preserve the positive learning for yourself and for the future which when you do that now will cause those old thoughts and emotions to disappear completely now.

Become aware of the positive learning and insights that you get.

Step 4:

Imagine yourself stepping out into the future. Step out 3 months into your future now having these positive insights available to you what do you see yourself doing now instead? How does it feel to be doing this?

Step out 6 months – what are you doing now?

Step out 1 year. 1 year with all of these positive insights and learning what are you doing now, 1 year into your future?

The Use of Expanded Awareness To Remove Limiting Beliefs Or A Negative Emotion

When a limiting belief or negative emotion comes up for you, take a moment to dissociate from it; for example, you can do this by withdrawing you attention away from the emotion and onto your breathing. Take 1 or 2 slow deep inhalations through the nose.

This allows you to still be aware of the emotion; you just don’t have all of your attention on it. Furthermore, by doing this, you don’t feel as if you are totally caught up in the grip of the emotional charge. It can become more “neutral.” Now ask yourself: “Where is this emotion in my body?” What is the belief associated with it?” “Is this a FACT of what is really going on now or is it an interpretation from a belief associated with a past experience?”

If the emotion was a signpost or signal that could tell you something what would it be telling you? Use  “Expanded Awareness” as a tool. Prior to going into Expanded Awareness focus all the negative emotion(s) and limiting decision(s) on a spot above eye level and then focus all your attention out to the periphery and when you have all your awareness out in the periphery (i.e. when you are fully in expanded awareness) ask yourself “How did you even know that was an issue for you?” Then get the positive learning for yourself and for the future that would cause the emotion/ belief to disappear as an issue in your life.

By simply reframing you can then CHOOSE what is the best outcome for you in a particular moment. Are you coming from a place of empowerment or disempowerment?

If it’s disempowerment what would create empowerment for you in this moment instead AND how would that change your beliefs/emotions/behaviors and results that you are currently experiencing?

Any moment, task or experience can be empowering IF you choose it to be. How can you change what you’re doing/thinking at this very moment to make it more empowering for yourself? What mindset do you need to do this? Perception IS projection. If you CHOOSE to feel belittled and a failure guess what? You will be. If you CHOOSE to be self-confidence, incorporate your failures as valuable “feedback” to make corrections and take the necessary actions to become successful you will be. Either way you are right.

What you CHOOSE to believe about yourself is what outcomes you will create for yourself. What choices are you currently making for yourself? Are they supporting the magnificence of who you are and moving you forward towards your personal and business goals dreams and aspirations or are they doing something else? When would now be a good time to become aware of them and CHOOSE to do something different that will lead you to the results you really want to be creating for yourself in your life?







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