As an entrepreneur and business owner it’s easy to get caught up with the day-to-day grind of running your business. Before you know it, you can become the biggest bottleneck or you become jaded and burned out and end up holding your company back.

Here are 9 keys that you can keep as a checklist reminder: So no matter what is going on in your personal and/or business life, you can show up as an asset each day for your company.

1. Create quality time for yourself each day. Give yourself a minimum of 1 hour a day where you get to nourish your body/mind/spirit. It’s like taking a 1-hour holiday daily.

2. Be happy do what you love, what brings you joy. Make sure you do activities that are fun, that you enjoy each day.

3. Celebrate who you are each day. Be grateful for who you are and what you do. Create a habit of celebration for yourself and your team by acknowledging your wins daily.

4. Delegate & outsource the things you don’t love doing, that are not your core competency. Wasting precious time on mundane tasks does not bring in more money for you. On the contrary it will bring in less. As the CEO, it’s important to give these tasks to others so that you can focus on implementing the biggest revenue generating tasks.

5. Don’t micromanage your team. Relinquish your need to control. Instead employ a strong team of people who are self-motivated and have a vested interested in being successful themselves as well as making your company a success.

6. Know the people on your team, find out who they are, do a regular survey on them to see what is ticking and so that you can keep your finger on the pulse of your business, what makes them happy, what inspires them. Is their job description a good fit for the role they play in your company? How can you utilize their skills and assets better? Reward your people for doing a great job.

7. Get your team member’s input on what is working and what is not working and have them contribute their feedback on what’s the solution. This will also give them more of a vested interest in the outcome as they contributed to the solution.

8. Make sure you connect with your team and do team building exercises on a regular basis to encourage good communication, sharing of ideas & knowledge, fun and enjoyment in the workplace.

9. Ensure your work environment is enjoyable for people to work in. Making the work environment both an attractive place that provides amenities as well as being a “fun, enjoyable” place to work in leads to an increase in morale, higher productivity and more income for your business.

Another way that you can ensure you show up as an asset in your business is through the Corporate Wellness Programs.

The Corporate Wellness Programs are tailored to the specific needs of your company or corporate group such as launching a new company, expanding your reach into new markets and embarking upon a new business venture, you’re looking for greater meaning in what you do, or you’re already established and want to boost the success of your business to a much higher level. Increase your company’s capacity for generating income and attracting optimal business opportunities, enrich and deepen fulfillment & satisfaction for yourself and your team, gain greater clarity and cohesion for you and your team, establish greater preeminence and distinction in your field, improve the level of productivity, efficiency & effectiveness for yourself and your employees to maximize outcomes. To learn more go to:


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