The term Redshift has its origin in cosmology.

A Redshift can occur when a light source moves away from an observer. As the light moves away its wavelength increases.

Its existence accounts for predictions relating to our universe. Evidence shows that our universe is continuing to expand.

A Redshift is mainly a result of the expansion of space. Light passing through expanding space is stretched (this is called a “Cosmological Red-shift”) Light particles increase in wavelength and stretch as the space through which they are traveling expands. There appears to be a dilation of time when this occurs.

While our galaxies appear to be receding away from us what is actually happening instead is the intervening space is stretching.

This means that the farther away a galaxy is from us, the more the space has expanded in the time since the light left that galaxy. As a result the more the light has been stretched, the more Red-shifted it has become. Therefore the faster it appears to be moving away from us.

So what has this got to do with you?

Life Force Energy is the energy of creation. It has the ability to optimize our potential by elevating our consciousness and in turn changing the way we think and function.

In relation to our mind (our thoughts) and our behavior – as we think and grow in our awareness (consciousness) and learn new ideas and concepts our mind “Redshifts.”

In the process we automatically let go of old ideas and behaviors.

There is an increase in illumination when we get a new idea and the mind is constantly expanding (like space). Old un-resourceful thought patterns and behaviors move quickly away from our neurology to allow new thinking/behaviors/choices to emerge. We evolve not only because we learn but also because we are stretched in mind and body like an ever-expanding universe that stores everything.

What occurs is a Redshift of the mind. “Create the life you want to be”.

Redshift Your Mind, Redshift Your Life

There is a startling innovative way to view the world based on the scientific bodies of work of Karl Pribram (a neurophysiologist at Stanford University and author of “Languages of the Brain”) and David Bohm (a protégé of Einstein and one of the world’s most respected quantum physicists from the University of London.) Their combined theories reveal the following:

“Our brain mathematically constructs objective reality by interpreting frequencies that are ultimately projections from another dimension, a deeper order of existence that is beyond both space and time: the brain is a hologram enfolded in a holographic universe.”

Dr Paul Townsend’s (member of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at Cambridge University) work on “p – branes” and its connection to “M – theory” also suggests that there is the existence of extra dimensions. This is exciting from the point of view that if there are extra dimensions to our universe, and therefore to who we are (as we are a microcosm or hologram of the universe) then this exponentially increases the amount of choices and opportunities that are available to us.

If the mind truly is holographic in nature if we exist in a holographic universe and we are indeed connected to all around us through one source of consciousness, then it means that we have contained within us the qualities of a hologram – non-localized, plastic able to change transform and re-morph our very existence and have a direct impact on everything around us through our thoughts and actions.

Not only that, we have the capacity to move beyond the boundary conditions of our material world and change our past present and future and anything else that stands in our way as an obstacle or barrier to our very evolution and growth.

Furthermore when exploring an intriguing concept that there is no difference between what is real and what is imaginary (Professor Stephen Hawking “The Universe in a Nutshell”) that it may be purely a distinction that we create in our mind, we can come to the realization that our imagination can create our reality. We can Redshift a new reality for ourselves. Like Einstein said “We are only limited by the boundary condition of our thinking (imagination).”

Physicist Dr Richard Feynman (“The Character of Physical Law”) formulated that the universe has multiple histories – every possible history that exists with its own probability. If we as a “walking human universe” have multiple histories then by changing the boundary condition of our thinking, of our imagination we change the outcome that is available to us. We change the very frontier of who we are as a universe existing in our own right and the edges of space and time that is contained within us. In addition, based on Feynman’s work, Stephen Hawking and one of his colleagues Jim Hartle came up with the hypothesis that maybe the universe has no boundary in space and time. “That the boundary condition of the universe is that there is no boundary.”

Indeed anything is possible.

In a nutshell:

Life Force Energy and the Trivedi Effect changes the very foundation of who we are as a human being. By changing the way we think and observe the world i.e. Redshift our mind we can change the quality of our health, wealth and life experiences.

We can rewrite our memories and change our past history. We can change our future to one that supports our heart’s desire.

We can quantum leap into another life by leaping from one mental construct (which is a hologram) to another.

We can make what Dr David Loye (a clinical psychologist and former member of the Princeton and UCLA medical school faculties) describes as “hololeaps.” Intra holographic leaps that “provide us with our true capacity for both insight and freedom.”

As an individual we open up ourselves to the field of infinite possibilities.

By creating a shift in the way we think, we create a paradigm shift. Our behaviors and our lives are inexorably changed to a new order of being. Our thoughts are the builders of our tomorrow. In every moment of our lives we are creating the images and shaping the patterns that give our future its energy and form.

By changing the habits of our thoughts, the habits of our mind and emotions we can liberate ourselves from the obstacles of today to a different tomorrow. One that is ultimately as creatively infinite as our dreams.

We can create the very future we desire.

So isn’t it time to Redshift?

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Redshift Graphic by the phenomenal artist and sculptor David Trevelyan