As human beings, we are meaning making machines. We constantly search to find the meaning or make sense of our experiences and our environment. Nothing is ever neutral. We either have beliefs and emotions that are positive where we like or want something or that are negative where we dislike and don’t want or reject something. Due to this, it’s easy to pass judgment on people and things around us as well as ourselves. We are constantly bombarded with information from our family, friends, peers, media, social media, religion, education, etc. Our internal filter system processes everything from our genetic blueprint, to epigenetics as well as all the information that is fabricated from the world around us.

We pamper ourselves in an attempt to “feel like” we are loved, to soothe and pacify ourselves to avoid discomfort. We create expectations and standards of what we think, believe are the best or greatest to aspire to. Are these standards and expectations the TRUTH? No, they are made up in the minds of people throughout the ages in order to feel loved or be loved. There may be some wisdom & merit in standards that we have created. However, that does not make them truth. It makes them a measurement that we as human beings should always keep open to question, assess, evaluate and correct if it is to retain any value.

Where does TRUTH exist? In Nature, In the Divine, in the Life Force that is around us.

The Pure Creative Intelligence that governs us contains truth. It governs our spirit, body and mind.

With the power of pampering you can control & manipulate another person’s spirit because it targets our most fundamental and basic need. The need to be loved.

This type of influence can be used strategically in our communication with one another and via media, social media etc. It can range from being extremely subtle and almost invisible to being extremely blatant. You can distort perception, influence judgment and manipulate others through how and what you market and who specifically you target in your market.

Pampering has the power to manipulate, mislead and misguide others at the level of the spirit because it appears to be “unconditional love.” It is insidious and more addictive than the most addictive drug. We crave it constantly. We crave to be desired and loved. However, this isn’t unconditional love at all but is instead the falsehood known as pampering. It is like advertising that uses clever language and marketing combined with the right sized budget to create a “story” that belies what is real or true. It simply mimics what is truth, what is unconditional love, like a hologram it is empty of substance and is not real.

Apply this cream or make up it will make you more beautiful and look younger. Do this course and it will make you more intelligent. Eat this food or take this vitamin and it will help you lose weight and look more attractive. Add this type of supplement to your diet and it will build more muscle, make you stronger and give you greater sex appeal. Learn the insider secret about this information and it will make you rich and affluent so you can live the dream life.

Honesty, loyalty & truthfulness are God given qualities. In the world of the Divine, pampering does not exist. There are no fabrications, stories or lies. All is revealed in the realm of the Creator.

To accomplish anything real takes lots of work and effort. It takes time. The Universe around us took billions of years to evolve. We as human beings took millions of years to evolve.

Unconditional love does not come from pampering. It comes from our connection to God, to the Divine.

Pampering is like putting a band aid over a severed limb and telling yourself it will stop the pain and the bleeding. That is simply a lie and in fact will do more harm than good in the long run.

Forget pampering! Accept that discomfort is a natural part of life. In order to build new muscle, you have to break down or damage the fibers that you start with. Short term you might be a little sore or uncomfortable but in the long term it’s worth it.





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