Gary Vaynerchuk has a great article about kindness being our ultimate strength in business and how it’s a vital component of any company’s business practice.

Kindness & caring is what make businesses work. It is the emotional capital that you build and tend to over time like an investment portfolio. It’s the foundational glue that establishes long term significant and beneficial business relationships that are invaluable for growth. It also adds meaning to what you do and uplifts the spirit. It is something that money can’t buy and is absolutely priceless!

This is a primary value for success in both business and life. When we “pay it forward” and do an act of kindness & caring without any expectation of anything in return, that’s where the magic happens! We have no idea what the overall outcome will be for the recipient. The Divine oversees that. What I do know is, this act of kindness ripples out to the world and comes back to someone else as a smile, gratitude, an incredible opportunity that they can encash, a good deed that changes someone’s life. There is nothing better than that! Additionally, while we cannot forecast the impact this has on others initially, needless to say we never know where they will end up either. As they become more successful and have greater reach, influence and opportunities come to them, that’s potentially where extreme value comes back to you, your business and/or your loved ones.

Guruji Mahendra Trivedi often speaks about this quality and how it is necessary if you want to be successful in your life. Kindness & caring is something that automatically becomes established in us when we elevate our consciousness. This also nurtures other invaluable qualities for business such as loyalty and integrity, both in ourselves and from our colleagues and employees.

True wealth starts with our connection to the Divine. Wealth is a continuous flow of abundance that we get to share every day and brings more joy, success & happiness into our lives and the lives of everyone that we touch. A great way to cultivate this is through the Trivedi Effect.

The Trivedi Effect® is the only scientifically proven phenomenon in which a person can harness the inherently intelligent energy of creation (Life Force Energy) and transmit it anywhere in the world. It stands at the forefront of a new paradigm in science that will help shape the future for all of mankind. It optimizes the human condition and merges science and consciousness together.

Life Force Energy can improve every aspect of your life. This universal intelligent energy pinpoints the areas of your greatest need and empowers you to extend beyond your limitations and step into who you are meant to become. It helps you to transform your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being to attain true happiness and the life you desire.

In the arena of business it helps to:

  • Improve financial well-being
  • Increase capacity to generate income
  • Increase capacity for attracting optimal business opportunities
  • Elevate growth of clientele base and business
  • Develop more significant and beneficial business relationships
  • Improve level of productivity
  • Enrich and deepen fulfillment & satisfaction
  • Establish greater preeminence and distinction in your field
  • Increase cohesiveness, efficiency & effectiveness of your company to maximize outcome
  • Increase your discerning power to take decisive action & execute strategic risks where applicable to optimize company growth
  • Reduce stress & anxiety
  • Boost your health & wellness
  • Boost self-confidence
  • Enhance your overall quality of life

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