Struggle is a necessary part of life, that’s how we learn and grow. We need to be able to deal with issues, challenges and obstacles to learn how to overcome them, to think differently, to think outside the box, beyond the boundary condition of our thinking, to act and behave differently to get a different outcome. Without mistakes, making course corrections and adjustments there can be no success.

We get to imagine, to dream and then we set sail on our course for achieving that dream. Will there be storms, changes in weather and other issues that arise? Yes absolutely there will be. That’s Life!!! The beauty and mystery of life is that it is not always predictable. In order to fly you have to be willing to learn, grow and adjust to your circumstances as you navigate along your course and it will give you great insights and invaluable experience along the way.

Your past doesn’t equal your future. A caterpillar doesn’t have the same qualities and characteristics as the butterfly. The mud doesn’t have the same qualities and characteristics as the lotus flower. The caterpillar and the mud represent a process to get you to your outcome, your Divine destiny. Within both is the seed of the Divine. In order for both to have birth and life there needs to be struggle. The caterpillar once it has created its chrysalis and has metamorphosed into a butterfly it must break open the shell in order for its wings to function and be able to fly, otherwise it will die.

Once the lotus seed germinates, it must push through the mantle of the soil and break through the surface in order to get sunlight so that it can photosynthesize, otherwise it will die.

A human baby, must be birthed – it needs to leave the womb, either by natural childbirth or cesarean and it then must be able to breathe on its own, to open up its lungs to inspire and take in oxygen, then fill up the lungs for it to be filled with life, otherwise it will not survive.

During vaginal birth, the newborn’s chest is compressed by the birth canal. Upon delivery, negative pressure allows air into the lungs. The first cries of the infant allow for alveoli expansion and absorption of fetal lung fluid.

At birth, a baby’s lungs are filled with fluid. They are not inflated. The baby then takes its first breath within about 10 seconds after delivery. This breath may sound like a gasp, as the newborn’s central nervous system reacts to the sudden change in temperature and environment. Once a baby takes its first breath, a number of changes occur in its lungs and circulatory system:

  • Increased oxygen in the lungs causes a decrease in blood flow resistance to the lungs
  • Blood flow resistance of the baby’s blood vessels also increases
  • Fluid drains or is absorbed from the respiratory system
  • The lungs inflate and begin working on their own, moving oxygen into the bloodstream and removing carbon dioxide by breathing out (exhalation)

Struggle is Nature’s ultimate strategy for success. Through natural selection the strongest, fittest, most viable and adaptable survive.

Struggle denotes a right of passage that transitions us from point A to B; from pre existence to birthing into life. From an idea in our mind that is birthed out of our imagination into an invention or concept that becomes a profitable business, or develops into a relationship that leads to marriage and a family, or refining ones gifts and talents as an athlete, training and developing the skills necessary until you become an Olympic gold medalist; the perseverance, tenacity and curiosity of a scientist that finds a medical breakthrough and finds the cure for a life threatening disease. It all requires struggle.

Without struggle, there is no resistance, no desire to defy gravity. There is no tension that gives us the thrust to cause an arrow to fly through the air almost effortlessly and hit its target and land a bullseye upon impact.

Is there any way of avoiding struggle? Not really. Is struggle always painful? Not necessarily, it may appear painful due to your perception or it simply might be uncomfortable until you adjust to the changes you are making.

In order to be physically fit and be able to run for 1 hour or do resistance training for 1 hour you need to develop the muscles to be able to sustain this activity. At first as you are stimulating muscle recruitment, building the muscle tissue and getting the body acclimatized for more exercise and having greater stamina, strength and endurance, this can be uncomfortable or sometimes painful. However, over time this becomes, less and less, till it is non-existent and you are able to maintain a consistent high level of fitness.

You don’t become an elite athlete by sitting on a couch, watching television and never moving. You don’t become a business luminary by never working and expecting a bag of money to fall on your head. You don’t develop great relationships with other people if you never speak and communicate with them. You cannot create a masterpiece if you never pick up a brush to paint.

Whether you like it or not, struggle is an intrinsic part of life that we need not only to survive but to thrive. Next time you think about choosing the easy way out for yourself or the people that you care about, think again. Easy only gives you mediocre at best.

Aren’t you worth more than that?

Kerwin Rae: “Why Pain Is What You Need”



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