Whether you are a business owner and an entrepreneur or not, there’s a wonderful strategy that you can adopt in your life called “Pay It Forward.”

Catherine Ryan Hyde wrote the novel “Pay It Forward” and Kevin Spacey starred in the 2000 drama film based on the novel where he portrays a character who presents this noble notion to a class of 7th grade children and the story unfolds from there.

The basic premise is to do a favor or a good deed for 3 people you either know or come into contact with who then go out and do a good deed for 3 new people and this strategy begins to mushroom around the community and beyond as this 3 x 3 good deed matrix multiplies over time.

This can be adopted as  “best employees” in your company, “highest achievement” “who you are makes a difference” award or whatever you’d like to create to acknowledge the men and women who help to make your business a success.

We don’t always know what people are actually going through and the result of this one act of kindness can do for their life. For example, a mentor I worked with prevented a child suicide through her act of kindness.

Each person we come into contact with whether it is a family member, a friend or a stranger are still part of our family of mankind. If at one of your most difficult moments in your life, someone out of the blue did something for you that either made the difficulty disappear completely or ameliorated it to a degree where it became benign what would that be like? How would it change your life? If you could do the same thing for 3 other people what would it be like to see their life change and blossom in an instant?

I have been very blessed to have used this strategy on numerous occasions and have seen first hand what this does for others. It is beyond words and an experience that is priceless. You get to witness another human being “light up” from receiving a gift they never expected. This blossoming of the human heart and the human spirit in an instant is by far one of the greatest gifts I have had the privilege to experience – all from a simple act of kindness.

Life Force energy and the Trivedi Effect helps to elevate our growth in consciousness so that we continue to develop and evolve our finer qualities as a human being such as kindness, caring, compassion, philanthropy, loyalty, honesty, and integrity. All of these qualities are essential not only for ourselves but also for creating successful and meaningful relationships with others and to perpetuate these characteristics for our society and culture as well as for future generations to follow.

In business, the outcome from this leads to greater cohesiveness in a company or organization, greater efficiency & effectiveness, higher productivity, a greater capacity for generating income and higher profitability. To learn more about the Trivedi Effect go to: https://www.dezikoster.com/the-trivedi-effect/ and https://www.dezikoster.com/a-path-to-business-success-with-life-force-energy/

What act of kindness can you do for your family, friends, employees or strangers? Where can you sprinkle good deeds in your life, from your smile to an uplifting comment, giving someone a helping hand, giving of your time, giving financial aid?

Go and test this strategy out this week and watch what happens! If you want to really make a difference, adopt this as one of your strategies for life.

Pay It Forward: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfW0wCV9iFI


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