3. Focus On A New Resourceful Belief Or A New Strategy

Now that you’ve discovered what is keeping you stuck, either a limiting belief or not having a strategy, it’s time to rectify this situation.

Get yourself 2 fresh sheets of paper:

Divide the first sheet in half and on the left-hand side, list your limiting beliefs. E.g.

I don’t have enough time to get things done and take care of myself

I don’t believe I have what it takes to make this work

I don’t have the self-confidence I need to go out and network with other successful entrepreneurs

I don’t have the funds to hire more staff

On the right-hand side of the page write out a new resourceful belief that is the opposite of your limiting belief. E.g.

I can easily create enough time to do the work I need to do for my business and take care of myself

I believe I have what it takes to do anything I put my mind to

I have great self-confidence and can easily go out and network with other successful entrepreneurs

I can come up with creative ways for finding the funds to hire new staff

For your second sheet of paper you are going to divide that in half as well. On the left hand side, list the issues that you need help with, that you don’t have a strategy for. E.g.

I don’t have my website optimized, I haven successful entrepreneur

I don’t have the systems in place for my personal assistant to replicate what I do

I don’t have time out for myself during the day and/or sufficient breaks during the day, to eat, rest and decompress

On the right-hand side of the page write out “Who can help me and what will I ask them?” E.g.

Who can help me is an SEO expert: a company that specializes in SEO and social media for websites. I’ll ask them, “What specifically can you do to optimize my website to get me on page one of Google and by when can you do this by?”

Who can help me is a company that specializes in setting up workflow systems. What I will ask them is, “What systems do you set up for replicating workflow and by when could you have this done?”

Who can help me is my PA or VA who will allocate a minimum of 1 hour for me to have off as well as two 15-minute breaks during my workday. What I will ask them is, “Each day on my business calendar allocate 1 hour off for a lunch break and two fifteen- minute breaks during the day.”

4. Taking Action

Now that you have new resourceful beliefs written out and/or new strategies set up, it is time for you to begin executing them. By when (what date specifically) are you going to implement them?  You may decide to implement them straight away so your date is now (put in today’s date) or you may decide to implement them on different days during the week/next 2 weeks.

Whatever you choose, make sure you have scheduled on your calendar the date and time that you will be taking action on them.

When it comes to your limiting beliefs and the new resourceful beliefs that you have set up, if you are having difficulty with this new reframe then you may need help with implementing this change for yourself. Add this to your list of strategies that you need help with. I.e. “I need some coaching to help me process this change.” Schedule a time with your business coach to assist you in doing this.

Additionally, the Life Force Energy programs help to support us when we are going through challenges and obstacles, by reducing stress, giving us greater calmness, clarity and peace of mind, improving our focus, reducing emotional ups and downs, improving health & vitality and boosting our quality of sleep.

With your new resourceful beliefs in place, what are the first 3 action steps that you can take to move yourself forward now towards your desired goal? By when will you take them?

Once the date is set for your new strategy to commence or the initial action steps that go along with your new resourceful belief, make sure you actually execute them, i.e., do what you set out to do.

5. Follow Up

Check in with yourself to monitor your progress. Are you now back on track towards your overall desired goal? Are you now moving forward and taking action instead of feeling overwhelmed and being stuck? If “Yes” then great job! If “No” then go back and see what else you need to address either as a limiting belief or through implementing a new strategy that will get you back on track.

Over the next 30 days become aware of your thought processes and your behavior. If your thoughts are not resourceful and your actions are not productive then ask yourself this question, “What could I be thinking or doing instead?”

Notice when you have closed mind thinking that says, “I can’t, or that’s not possible or it’s too hard, or I’m not ______ enough.” Change it to open mind thinking that asks questions such as, “How else can I do that, what else can I do, who else can help me achieve that?” This will allow answers and opportunities to come to you. Focus your thinking on the outcomes you want and focus your ensuing tasks and action steps on productive actions that give you the results you wish to achieve.

At any time that you become aware that you are beginning to feel overwhelmed or stuck, repeat strategies 1 – 4 above. Then check in with yourself afterwards as in strategy 5 to make sure you are back on track.

Repeat 1 – 5 any time you need to.

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