As each year comes to a close and a new one begins there is the inevitable desire to wipe the slate clean and create new beginnings, new resolutions that will bring sought-after outcomes for our lives. For all the good intentions we make year after year what are the key factors that give these resolutions stickability? I.e. the intention becomes a commitment that is actually followed through with specific action steps leading to the execution and fulfillment of that commitment.

The first key is to be brutally honest.

Why do you want this in the first place? Is it compelling for you? Is it something you really want and are willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen, or are you merely toying with the idea and are excited by a new possibility? (The bright and shiny syndrome.) If you are 100% committed to this resolution and you will do whatever it takes then bravo, go to the next key.

The second key is to make a plan.

Plan out the specific actions and strategies you’ll need to incorporate in order to be able to make your resolution a reality. Break your plan down into a 30-day format. That way you can plan your daily and weekly actions based upon what your goal is for each month.

The third key is to set a date

Set the date that you will commence your plan. Make sure that it is realistic for you to start on that date.

The fourth key is execution.

Your resolutions won’t happen if you don’t take action. You need to commit to consistently showing up and executing the action steps from your plan if you want results. Have a “no excuses” policy when it comes to execution. No matter what, show up and take action!

The fifth key is follow through

When doing a project or having a resolution that is going to take time, i.e. 30 days or more, it’s important that you have follow through strategies or back up strategies to assist you in showing up each day. Examples of these are: Have an accountability buddy that you check in with each day to report your actions to. Create a checklist that you go through each day to ensure you’ve gotten all your steps done. Celebrate the successful completion of your action steps each day. Reward yourself each week and each month for showing up and taking action.

Life Force Energy optimizes our potential in all areas of our life. It helps us to improve health & wellness, cognitive functioning, strength and fitness, maximize performance, and elevate our consciousness. It helps to enhance qualities and behaviors that align us with our optimal growth and development. It helps us to become more discerning, gain clarity about what is the best outcome and gives us the fortitude and courage to follow through beyond the challenges and obstacles we may face.

Instead of simply having New Year resolutions, we develop habits for life.

What do you want to achieve this year? What would it be like if you had more Life Force Energy in your life?

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