After going through a series of difficult life experiences, such as the death of several of my nearest and dearest loved ones, loss of my home, divorce, large financial loss all in the last 9 years, I can certainly say that there have been moments that have been utterly devastating.

Currently I am dealing with tackling yet another issue and in light of everything that’s happened, it can definitely “appear to be” daunting. Have you ever felt stressed out like that or had an experience, where even one of your life experiences/events is enough to knock you sideways, let alone having several of them happen seemingly all at once?

What happens when you feel stuck, overwhelmed or like you’ve lost hope of finding any solution? When you give up on your dreams because your current reality feels too painful?

There are times when in all honesty, if I could have peeled off my own skin and run away, I would have, but there’s nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide. You are running away to a dead end. I could have drowned in my own pity party but then what? Besides I didn’t even have the energy for that. So what’s left? Self-loathing I guess, feeling like a failure or a fraud. Self-deprecation only goes so far and is a miserable companion.

Well now that I’ve exposed my sorry state of affairs, you might well ask, “How do you/ how did I turn my life around?”

By always remembering to dream, to keep focused on your vision, that goal, that divine destiny that’s calling to you.

When things become overwhelming, due to major losses or set backs, it is understandable that you are going to get knocked down AND you MUST get up again, pick yourself up and have even greater resolve to follow your dream and NEVER GIVE UP!

Dreaming gives us hope. Dreaming comes from being immersed in Pure Awareness, Pure Creative Intelligence and brings us back into flow.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

When life changes happen, some of the dreams and aspirations that we had may be lost with the change in our circumstance. For example in my case, just because my life partner died several years ago does that mean I’ll never experience love again in my life? The answer is, “No.” While he is no longer alive and the future that we were creating together was no longer possible, what is possible is creating a wonderful future with someone else. Having a future has its foundation based in faith & trust in the Divine, faith and belief in myself, my dream, vision and divine destiny. Even when the sky is stormy and grey and you can’t even see the “North Star” above you, just having your awareness heavenward is enough of an intention to realign yourself and set your internal compass back on track. Allow your dream or vision to percolate up from deep within you, till it becomes manifest. Give it time, give yourself the time to dream. Life on our planet Earth is like a beautiful dream. The Pure Creative Intelligence is the reality.

“It takes courage to love, but pain through love is the purifying fire which those who love generously know.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Keep dreaming, even when things seem difficult, painful, impossible or you want to give up. You are creating the pathway of possibility; you are forging new neural networks and a new frontier for others to aspire to.

Your dreams are the future of our tomorrow.





























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