What happens when you’re stuck in an Untitled Folder? How do you find your way and come back to Life?

The first thing you have to do is:


Stop what you are doing. Stop struggling. If you are stuck in 2 feet of mud in your truck, you can’t get out. If you keep your foot on the gas pedal you are digging yourself into a deeper and deeper hole. If you’re asking yourself a closed unresourceful question, “Why? Why me? Why now, Why here?” etc. you are asking a question that goes around in a circle, like a holding pattern that spirals down and down so that you go deeper and deeper into your delusion, self pity and your story. You are stuck in your story, your limiting belief, in the boundary condition of your thinking. If you are stuck in an Untitled Folder, you can’t get out. If you are in a prison cell, you can’t get out.

Step Away From The Situation & Pause

Remove yourself physically from the situation. You can go to another room or a different location. Go somewhere else that you won’t be involved in that same activity (at least for a short period. It may be 5 minutes; it may be 30 – 60 minutes.) For Steve, who was in his truck, deep in the mud, he closed his eyes, took a deep breath and began to calm himself down. He stopped asking the unresourceful question, “Why? Why me? Why now?”

You can remove yourself mentally and emotionally from the situation you are in. Stop asking yourself, “Why?’ Close your eyes, take a deep breath, take a moment to breathe and calm yourself down. This step is invaluable because it gives you time to pause.


Ask yourself resourceful questions. What am I not seeing? What am I not aware of? What am I feeling right now? What am I fooling myself with? What am I pretending not to know?

How else can I do this? How else can this be done? What else can be done? Who else can help me? By when can this be done?

When you ask resourceful questions – What, How, Who, When, you engage your “RAS” your Reticular Activating System. All of us when we’re stuck think with our ASS (we’re stuck in our negative thinking patterns, our boundary condition of thinking, based upon our limiting beliefs and negative emotions.)

When you inquire and ask these types of questions you activate your RAS in your brain and stimulate “solution focused” thinking. You get to utilize that massive Internet that’s in your head, that’s connected to the Divine, that’s connected to Pure Creative Intelligence and it will give you the answers to the questions you are looking for.


 By asking useful questions you give yourself the opportunity to discover and recognize where you’re at. In order to recognize you need to become aware, accept your current situation and admit responsibility for your outcome.

Become Aware

 Where are you right now? What are you feeling? Your feelings give you “clues” that you are stuck. Feeling frustrated, angry, anxious, hopeless, helpless – these are all clues about your emotional landscape. Just like you pay attention and become aware of your surroundings in order to discover where you are in a physical location, your emotions are resources that give you valuable information about what’s going on, what are important landmarks and trigger points so that you can get your bearings on where you are.


 Accept that for this moment, you are stuck. Will you always be in the “Untitled Folder?”

No! It’s temporary. It’s always temporary. For my friend Steve he was stuck in his truck for 10 minutes. For someone that’s in prison for 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, it “seems” like a long time, however it’s still temporary.


 Don’t blame anyone or anything else. You got yourself here. Admit your responsibility for getting yourself to this destination.

I’ve used Outlook thousands of times to send and receive emails. On the day I was attempting to navigate back to my In-box, I kept pressing the “Folder” link. This action led to the creation of new untitled folders, which without my understanding of what was occurring, led me to going deeper and deeper into lower level Untitled Folders. I was 100% responsible for ending up here.

Steve had driven on that same road thousands of times in all types of weather. He drove into a muddy section, pressed on the gas pedal and got himself stuck, deeper and deeper in the mud.

When you’ve committed a crime and get incarcerated, you’ve probably taken the same type of actions thousands of times that led you to getting deeper and deeper into trouble.

When you point one finger to blame someone else, you have three fingers pointing back at yourself!


If you don’t pay attention, you may find yourself at Ground Zero. Unlike a moment ago, you were living life like you normally do; everything was “business as usual” but now life as you know it has been “greyed out.”

Your freedom, rights, access and privileges are now gone. This doesn’t mean that these things don’t exist. It means that these things have been temporarily greyed out. It means that you need to find a path out which reconnects you back to the Divine, back to God.

 Our emotions are our signal that something is up – good or bad. They let us know where we are. When we are frustrated, feel helpless or sorry for ourselves etc. we are in “Stuck Land.”

When we are grateful we are in “Gratitude Land.”

Pay attention to your feelings, thoughts and beliefs. They are telling you something. They are either moving you in the direction of the outcome you want or moving you away from the outcome you want. If it’s moving you away from your outcome:

Stop, wait/take time to pause, inquire and reevaluate. When you reevaluate your situation, you can then course correct and get yourself back on track.

When I closed up my computer and left the room, I stopped what I had been doing and went into the kitchen to make myself a peppermint tea. I had time to wait and drop in a question to my RAS, “What am I not seeing?”

When I got back to my computer, the solution came to me in a flash. I remembered up in the top navigation bar on Outlook something called “View” and inside the drop down menu in View there was something called “Sidebar.” When I clicked on Sidebar I could see all the folders. I could see my In-Box as well as all my Untitled Folders. Sidebar restored my big picture view, my vision.

Now I had a 20,000 foot perspective. All the “greyed out” functions got restored and I was able to delete all the Untitled Folders. I jumped from “Stuck in Untitled Folder Number 8” back to my In-box. Back to the In-box of Life. I was completely restored back to fully functioning life. As I deleted each useless Untitled Folder, I moved back upwards, I progressed back upwards towards my In-box of Life where I had access to the Divine, to God where anything is possible.

Delete What No Longer Serves You

 Give yourself a fresh start! In order to clear away all the clutter, delete everything that no longer serves you. When you let go of all the garbage you automatically begin to purify. You get restored back to your blueprint. “Let go and let God.”

As you delete useless empty thoughts, useless beliefs and behaviors, you move back up to the In-box. Once I was back in the In-box. I had access to everything again.

You have to delete old beliefs, attitudes, expectations, identifications and behaviors before you can get back to your In-box.

When Steve stopped and sat for a few minutes he asked himself a question, “What else can I do?” He activated his RAS and the solution came to him. He got the idea, “Someone could help me.” He got out of his truck, walked back to the office where he’d just bought a machinery part for his farm and a big burley “Car Wrecker” guy with a big truck walked into the office at the same time. Steve spoke to him and the guy towed him out of the mud. In 10 minutes he was out!

Once I pressed “Sidebar” in 2 minutes, I had deleted all the Untitled Folders and was out. When you ask resourceful questions and stimulate your RAS you plug back into higher consciousness, flow, Pure Awareness, Pure Creative Intelligence so that the solution can come to you. By letting your spirit lead, you let God guide you to the optimal outcome.

You transform your “stinking thinking” where your mind is focused on your limiting beliefs and negative emotions to “solution based thinking”  where your spirit uses the RAS to access your subconscious, the super conscious mind, which is a superhighway to the Divine to bring you the best outcome possible.

Connect With God

Always connect with God each day. Always be grateful. Whatever you are given is a gift. It’s a gift to wake up and be a better human being. The Creator that created us, is your way out. That is how you delete old beliefs and behaviors. Connect with the Divine, activate your RAS and come back to Life!




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