Want to know how you can achieve excellence in all the different aspects of your life? You do it through sacrifice and caring. Now before you turn up your nose or switch off as this doesn’t sound like it’s much fun, or you imagine yourself being a martyr, hear me out. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised!

Sacrifice is about being a visionary. What’s the bigger picture that you want to achieve? What’s your vision, mission or goal? Instead of focusing on an expectation or a small short-term goal, how can you bring the color, expression and qualities of who you are, your gifts, talents and skillsets to a project that you are working on or an outcome you want to achieve? How can you imbue your “being” rather than “doing” into it?

When we are being ourselves we live the expression of our true nature, we live in flow and everything is effortless. Have you ever had that experience where everything you do, everything you focus your attention on happens so easily and effortlessly that it gives you a thrill? It feels like you are blessed!!! Everything turns out right, you are early to all your meetings and you get results greater than you ever thought you would. You drive your car to an appointment and get the perfect parking space, you want to purchase an item and they have on sale for 40% off.

Vision is about the greater good, something that surpasses us as the individual and expands to being of benefit to others to all of mankind. When we show up and do this, the Universe conspires on our behalf to support us and what we achieve is beyond what we could ever imagine. Think of companies like Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft.

By going the extra mile, doing that additional step, going above and beyond we ascribe a level of caring to everything that we do. What is the extra investment of your time worth? It is like planting seeds. Plant them and they’ll grow into trees that will proliferate into a forest. Don’t invest, don’t plant anything and you’ll have a multiple of what you have now… nothing.

Sure there are times when there are challenges and obstacles and there is a period of tension or struggle, this is an intrinsic quality of change, transformation and evolution.

However, each time we go through this, the path and terrain becomes more familiar, we become more skilled and the time it takes to arrive at a solution becomes less and less until it takes almost no time at all.

Our vision becomes more and more elevated until we get the 50,000 feet perspective and beyond and this in and of itself adds further layers of insight that takes us into the realm of the Divine, the realm of Creative Intelligence and away from the illusion of mental constructs that we have become enslaved to. We get to dream beyond our furthest imaginings and bring them to us in manifest form.

Perhaps that is one of the wondrous qualities of being human, our spirit gets to manifest a corporeal form and through this we get to experience “life.”

Next time you think, things are a sacrifice, take a moment to view it from a different perspective, you are just on a journey to fulfill your vision, your Divine destiny. By being caring, you spread kindness, gratitude, happiness, hope, comfort and trust. These qualities will also promulgate like a smile that instantaneously inspires an ocean of people to do the same. Through a single spark, you light up the world. Now doesn’t that put a smile on your dial?







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