Imagine being able to access your optimal state of being when you needed it the most, even when you may not be feeling your best! Here’s a great resource you can use called the “Circle of Excellence” that can help you achieve this instantly.

The Circle of Excellence is a process you can do by yourself or with other people to bring any great resources that you’ve ever experienced in the past into the here and now or even link those resources to future events. It is a very powerful technique and it’s good to use when preparing to present to an audience, when negotiating with business partners or when doing sales. It’s brilliant for performers and professional athletes.

The Circle of Excellence (COE) is a visual resource anchor, where the resources are stacked one on top of the other.

E.g. In the movie “Gladiator” with Russell Crowe, every time his character goes out to fight, he picks up the dirt and rubs it into his fingers – picking up the dirt and rubbing it into his fingers becomes a resource anchor for triggering past emotional states so he can feel powerful when he goes out into a fight.

For CEOs and entrepreneurs this resource anchor can be triggered when doing business strategy with your executive team, when negotiating and/or closing business deals, when dealing with investors or future joint venture partners or at any time when you need to be performing at your optimal level in order to achieve the best outcome possible.

For dancers, the COE resource anchor can be triggered the moment when they step on stage, or step into rosin for their pointe shoes or when they put on their shoes and tie the laces and once the shoes are on, they are in performance mode.

When creating your ideal weight, the COE anchor can be triggered as you step to go out to dinner or as you walk into a restaurant, it can be as your fork touches the plate. It can be as you begin to work out. As you think about eating something step into your circle and feel resourceful and empowered.

Professional athletes, performers and presenters can utilize resource anchors to get into peak emotional states. A resource anchor is simply a trigger that fires off emotional states. It is a cue that puts people in peak emotional states so that they can perform at their best to get optimal results.

In the Circle of Excellence we use a visual cue or a visual anchor to trigger the emotional states from the past. Useful and fun! You can do this any time you need to show up at your best, to optimize your performance and maximize your outcome.

Getting Started:

Do this exercise standing up. Be in a quiet room by yourself, or in a room with other participants who are doing this exercise with you. Ensure for the duration of this process, that you won’t be disturbed by outside noises or distractions. (Remember that the most effective anchors are the ones that are the most intense so do this exercise with 100% commitment, play at 100%. Get participants to play at 100%.)

Step 1: Close your eyes and get really clear on something that you know is going to happen in your future where you don’t feel as confident, as powerful or as resourceful about it as you’d like to feel, when you think about it.

And I don’t know what that is for you – maybe it’s some kind of presentation that you’re going to do, or some sort of speaking engagement or performance, perhaps you’ve got to deal with issues and challenges with a family member, friend or colleague, maybe you’ve got an important business meeting or you’ll be negotiating with an investor, perhaps you are going out on a first date, maybe you are on a weight loss program and you’re going out to a restaurant and you want to make healthy eating choices to eat food that leaves you feeling full of energy and vitality, maybe you are going to compete in a race or tournament, maybe you are going to do an exam….

So have something in mind where you’d like to have access to powerful positive resources. Just get a picture of that event now. Yes, that’s right!

Step 2: And now, let’s get ready to do the Circle of Excellence. Just set aside that future event that you’ve been considering for a moment. You are going to recall it again a little on in the process. For now, just simply let it go.

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