What if you could face fear head on and stop it in its tracks? Instead of being crippled by fear, you are able to use it to give you the courage, strength and fortitude to deal with any of life’s challenges. What would that be like?

F – Face

E – Everything

A – And

R – Rise

It would be great wouldn’t it!

So how do you go from being a “scaredy cat” or coward hiding out and not attempting things or stopping yourself, or doing self sabotaging behavior and instead become brave like a tiger and stand your ground, respond accordingly to the needs of the moment and not be afraid to show up and speak your truth?

Fear is often about something that hasn’t happened yet, like a future event or it can be about a current situation that you’re facing and what you’re dealing with is an unknown.

In these cases, here’s what you can do. I call it the 3 P’s.




1. Prepare – Be prepared. When I was a flight attendant, in our initial training we did emergency procedures training (EP’s) for one entire week and for each year after that we did a full day of EP’s training twice every year. It was designed to get you prepared for situations to avert danger and/or deal with danger head on. When you are prepared for a situation you can gauge, when, where and how you need to respond as well as the frequency and force of your response.

Being prepared means you transform an unknown into a known. People are fearful if they don’t have a strategy of how to deal with a situation, so it’s important to have a strategy that works. You get an education about the subject you need to deal with. You learn a proven strategy of success something that has been tested out, and replicated numerous times.

If what you know currently doesn’t give you the financial outcome you want improve your financial literacy. Get with a Financial Planning company with a proven track record of success and learn as much as you can to get out of debt, prevent these issues occurring in your future, learn about financial planning, estate planning, long term care etc.

If you’ve never done public speaking before, watch a few videos of people who are well known speakers and discover what it is that makes them stand apart from everyone else. Join a toastmaster’s group or work with a professional speaker or speaking company that has a proven track record of success who is willing to train you.

2. Plan – If you know an event is coming up in your future, then you need to plan for it. Don’t be an ostrich with your head buried in the sand! Whether you like it or not, it will be happening, so plan out the action steps that you need to take.

If you are going to be giving a presentation in 3 month’s time and have never spoken in front of a group before, then plan out when you are going to make the bullet points of your presentation, any slides or video you want to create to go with it and then get with your speaker trainer so you can plan when you are going to practice and give preliminary presentations before you do it live.

If you need to improve your current financial situation, get with your financial planner to create a road map of where you are now, where you want to go and plan out the steps necessary to get you there.

3. Proactive – Be proactive. Regardless of what you’re dealing with currently that may be challenging, make sure you check in and follow up and make any changes on a regular basis. Every week, month, 3 months, 6 months and year, take time out to go over everything to determine whether you need to update, upgrade or change what you are doing now to get a better outcome, then make it part of your action plan and do it. Being Proactive can be done by yourself and/or with your mentor who will help guide you.

Here’s one final thing that you can also do to help you as you move through life’s challenges. Put your trust in God, in the Creator that created you, me and all of us including the entire manifest Universe. Sometimes as we are going through life’s difficulties, it can be hard to see that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, however we always get through to the other side and each step that we take helps us to become stronger and build those muscles of courage, fortitude, patience and gratitude.

Life Force Energy deepens and enhances our connection with the God of our understanding so that it makes our transition through tough times easier and smoother. It helps us to go from being fearful to fearless.

In order to become who we are meant to be, requires transformation, a leap of faith so that we grow from an unknown and with time develop an inner knowing, an awareness that we can build upon to face other situations that arise to give us the strength of character to move through our lives with ease and grace. To learn more about Life Force Energy go to: www.dezikoster.com


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