I recently read a great article by NASA scientist Grier Wilt who shared how her early introduction to science fueled her passion to pursue what she loves. By exposing young girls to the opportunities of discovering the wonders of science, the elegance, beauty and precision of technology, maths & engineering and how they all interrelate, we open up a new realm of possibility for women to explore.

I too have been blessed with the opportunity of working in the field of science with a remarkable phenomenon known as the Trivedi Effect. Through the grace of Guruji Mahendra Trivedi who has an extraordinary gift and is the founder & leading exponent of the Trivedi Effect, I have participated in several science experiments that validate my ability to harness and transmit “Life Force Energy” (known as Biofield Energy Treatments) to living organisms & non-living materials anywhere in the world to transform & optimize their potential. This is indeed reaching for the stars!

The Trivedi Effect® is the only scientifically proven phenomenon in which a person can harness the inherently intelligent energy of creation and transmit it anywhere in the world. It stands at the forefront of a new paradigm in science that will help shape the future for all of mankind. In addition to optimizing the human condition, it has the power to transform the cellular structures of all living organisms and has the incredible capacity to permanently alter the atomic structures of non-living materials. It merges science & consciousness together.

The transmission of “Life Force Energy” is a natural phenomenon that opens a direct connection to the source of all creation, allowing its inherently intelligent energy to flow to us. Through these Divine Energy Blessings we receive the gifts of health, vitality, wellbeing and happiness as well as the fortitude, greater insight and clarity to steer us through each stage of our life’s journey.

Life Force Energy can improve every aspect of your life. This universal intelligent energy pinpoints the areas of your greatest need and empowers you to extend beyond your limitations and step into who you are meant to become. It helps you to transform your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being to attain true happiness and the life you desire.

The “Life Force Energy” programs support women who desire a connection to the highest and purest form of this Universally Intelligent energy to enliven their consciousness, tap into their unlimited potential, boost their self confidence and self esteem, enhance their success in business & life and become unstoppable!

When we are filled with this energy, our level of consciousness elevates and in turn this changes our thoughts, focus and behavior. As women, we take greater ownership and responsibility for our actions and realize that this creates greater freedom and empowerment to stand in the truth of who we are, leading the way for upcoming generations to follow. We automatically begin to follow pursuits of excellence. We become more discerning so that we can make better and more effective choices that continue to enhance our gifts, talents and skillsets and disassociate ourselves from those that do not. We become more caring and begin to build a legacy for others and for the future of others to build upon Finally and most importantly, this energy naturally support the deepening of our connection to the Divine, The Creator.

As women, it is time for us to optimize our potential and light the way for young girls following in our footsteps… so that they too can reach for the stars.

Grier Wilt Article: https://bit.ly/2CCebXF