Radiance Blessings

For those times when you have an immediate need or you want help with a specific challenge in your life, Dezi will do a single targeted Divine Energy Blessing for an individual.

Radiance Blessings are Divine Energy Blessings that are delivered at those times when you have a specific need. Whether you’ve scheduled an important business meeting, you’re getting married, having a baby, taking care of a sick relative, you’re competing in a tournament, you’re performing at a major event or you simply want to boost your self-confidence, you can request specialized support.

This focused Divine Energy Blessing is available in-person with Dezi, or can be done remotely.

Program Overview

  • Done in-person or remotely
  • Choose any recipient – yourself, a loved one, colleague, etc.
  • No phone or internet access required.
  • Can be combined with other programs.

1 Radiance

2 Radiance

Who Would Benefit From A Radiance Blessing?

Anyone who is seeking personal attention for any life circumstance. A Radiance Blessing can also support an individual desiring a greater connection to their inner guidance for an enhancement in their life or to help them face a specific challenge.


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