Livestock Blessing Programs

These programs are for when you are establishing a new farm or ranch with livestock, or you currently have livestock and are in need of a boost for the health & wellness of your animals, or you want to upgrade the quality of your livestock in order to yield a better outcome for breeding purposes and to yield better quality products. The Livestock Blessing Programs are specifically tailored to the needs of your farm, ranch, livestock business, animal husbandry & breeding business.

Problems with Livestock Today

Animals that are bred for the purpose of being consumed (food, clothing, footwear, bedding etc.) such as the cattle industry, sheep industry, poultry industry, pork industry and dairy industry are often raised in less than favorable conditions. To counteract this, they are given antibiotics, growth hormones and they may be fed a diet of plants and grains that have high levels of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides etc. This in turn weakens the animals and makes them more susceptible to diseases and disorders. These issues lead to the following:

  • Reduction in the conceiving rate during season
  • Breeding issues or imbalances
  • Compromised immunity
  • Weakness or sickness in the animals themselves/Death of animals
  • Reduction in the quality of meat
  • Reduced production of milk and/or reduction in the quality of milk & milk products
  • Reduction in quality & production of wool
  • Reduction in quality of skins & hides

The outcome…. DEVASTATING

Mild & Moderate Disease → Reduction in yield and quality of livestock

Severe Disease → Loss of animals & loss of yield

Loss of productivity

Loss of time

Cost of replacement of animals

HUGE financial loss $$$$

What can we do about this?

Is there a nontoxic alternative solution?

The solution is Life Force Energy Healing
(Also known as the Trivedi Effect®)

Since 2015, Dezi has been involved in science research and has participated in several experiments to authenticate her Life Force Energy healing abilities (known as Biofield Energy Healing Treatments.) As from 2016 she has been published in American peer- reviewed scientific journals and is an accepted Biofield Energy Healer with the ability to harness the Divine Intelligent energy and transmit it anywhere on the planet due to the Trivedi Effect®.

Key Findings from Preclinical Research shows:

  • Over 110% improvement in overall Immunity to help fight a wide range of infectious diseases & disorder
  • Over 90% reduction in Stress
  • Over 90% reduction in Inflammation
  • Nontoxic & Non Invasive Therapy
  • Improves overall Health, Vitality & Well-being

 Livestock Benefits

  • Boost immunity – helps fight a wide range of diseases & disorders

  • Reduce stress

  • Stronger & healthier animals

  • Improve quality of meat

  • Boost milk production

  • Improve quality of milk & milk products

  • Boost conceiving rate during season

  • Organic

  • Nontoxic, Non Invasive

  • Higher-grade product in the marketplace & greater yield leading to increase in income

Who Would Benefit From The Livestock Blessing Programs?

Anyone who is seeking personalized attention for their livestock. These programs support farmers, ranchers and livestock owners who desire a connection to the highest and purest form of this universally intelligent energy to enliven their animals, boost their health & wellness, optimize the life force potential of their livestock and enhance the success and longevity of their business.